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Web links to outback

A NEW community website program will help twenty regional community groups develop a website to allow for greater communication between members.

Gear up online or lose: Minister

WA BUSINESSES should gear up to trade in the online economy or risk being marginalised by the Internet business boom, says Works and Services Minister Mike Board.

ERG alliance lands Rome transport deal

THE ERG Motorola Alliance has won the contract to install and manage a smart card fare collection system in Rome’s Metrebus system for nine years, with an additional five year option.

Breast system could fight cancer

AN electronic system for automatic and accurate measurement of volumes of solid objects could become a weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Web awards worthwhile

There are literally thousands of ‘Industry Awards’ for website design on the Internet.

Westpac takes on smart card duties

THE Westpac Group is to become the principal EFTPOS transaction processor for the ERG Group’s smart card products.

Court reporter adds online music

DIGITAL court recording software maker Future Technology Resources is taking a 13 per cent stake in online music retailer Chaos Multimedia.

Executives paid too much: survey

TOP executives are paid too much, a recent survey has found.The survey found 47 per cent of 1,183 respondents believed executives were overpaid.

Questions to help preparation

The ten toughest questions asked in an interview have been compiled by recruitment firm to help interviewees be better prepared.

Security industry under microscope

THE Department of Productivity and Labour Relations and the Security Agents Institute have joined forces to raise awareness of employment obligations within Perth’s security industry.

Employees call for more homework

MORE than 57 per cent of employees would prefer to be working from home and 70.7 per cent said they would be as productive as if they were at ‘work’ a Morgan & Banks survey has found.

Industry in need of GST education

The Federal Government must establish a GST education office for small business – independent of the tax office – to ensure smooth implementation of the GST.

Convention a valuable resource

Finance professionals in the resources industry should pencil in CPA Resources Convention as a must-attend event.

Does discounting pay?

For small business, the pressure of generating sales never stops. Big business is increasingly dominating all aspects of the market and small business operators are being compelled to compete as best they can.

Pessimists are disappointed

Twelve months ago we expected the world and Australian economies to display the following characteristics:

Interest rates to stay put: McFarlane

THE Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia Ian McFarlane has been at pains to point out that he does not envisage any movement upward in either the inflation rate or interest rates.

Children need to learn investment lessons

It is a travesty that we spend time educating our children to undertake mathematical tasks and to read and write well but teach them nothing about money.

Gull comes home to roost

THE first winner of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Gull Awards – tales of the truly gullible, has been announced.

Deregulation bedevils the legal profession

DEREGULATION looms as a major threat to the legal profession, says Law Society of WA president John Ley.

Concerns over tribunal loss

MOVES to abolish the Town Planning Appeals Tribunal has the legal fraternity concerned.

GST tracking sheet system helps to negotiate traps

OVERCOMING GST-posed problems has been made easier by A1 Advanced Office Systems systems development consultant Jenny John.

BOC gears up to move

A SUBIACO business is leaving its home of 71 years for a new greenfields site in Canning-vale Industrial Park.

Moorings stage may not sell publicly

Site clearance, to make way for the Moorings, the Lester Groups riverside development in North Fremantle, has commenced amid speculation that the $16 million first stage of the project may never be offered to the public.

Market remains strong

OF ALL the sectors in the property market, the industrial market continues to record strong performances according to a monthly review of the property market by Herron Todd White.

Perth retail space supply booms

Perth is currently undergoing one of the strongest increases in supply of retail space on record according to research by Colliers Jardine.

Parking policy a revenue raiser

After some eighteen months of discussions, submission and surveys the Depart-ment of Transport, under the guise of its Perth Parking Policy, has achieved its objective of finding yet another method to raise revenue, this time by taxing private tenant park

Westfield opens stage two

Westfield Carousel recently opened stage two of its $200 million redevelopment almost five months ahead of schedule.

WA approvals down

The trend for private sector housing building approvals in WA has fallen for the first time in seven months, new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the month of April show.

Centre sold

Bullcreek Shopping Cen-tre, owned by the Government Employees Superannuation Board has been sold by tender for $51 million to Schroders Property fund, keeping ownership in Australian hands.