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Committee to help government

A NEW community consultative committee has been established to help Premier Richard Court with economic and social developments in the lower South West.

Bunbury focuses on community

FUNDING of community services, facilities and projects, roads, dual use paths and drainage have received high priority in the City of Bunbury’s $28 million budget for 1999/2000.

Bridgetown co-location plan supported

BRIDGETOWN-Greenbushes Shire Council’s investigation into the feasibility of co-locating a range of community, education and sporting facilities has won the backing of the South West Development Commission.

GST impact discussed in region

THE IMPACT of the GST will be discussed in a series of intensive Leschenault Business Enterprise Centre workshops from 22 to 23 September.

Restoration work commences on Collie River stretch

RESTORATION of an eight-kilometre stretch of the Collie River commenced over winter.

Vacancies prompt visa shift

MINISTER for Information Tech-nology and the Arts Richard Alston claims there are 32,000 IT jobs vacant in Australia.

Fake eyeballs plague web ads

IN A recent article published in the Australian Financial Review entitled Trade in phony eyes doesn’t add up, journalist John Davidson unwraps the duplicitous nature of some Internet advertising behaviour.

Two win $120,000

TWO Perth people have received $120,000 as WA winners of Interim Technology Group scholarships to further their careers in IT. Alice Vidente and Phillip Evans were chosen from applicants with backgrounds from engineering to hospitality.

Philanthropy keeps staff happy

CORPORATE philanthropy may not be immediately good for the bottom line but it keeps the staff happy, says J Corp director Julian Walter.

Mission success

PERTH City Mission’s governing body Mission Australia has managed to put 1,000 people into employment every month for the past 15 months.

Jobs on net to grow 500%

THE Internet job market for executives is expected to grow up to 500 per cent in the near future according to a survey by The Executive Network.

Career coaching growing market

CAREER coaching is becoming more acceptable in Australia.A coaching relationship is largely short term with a focus on changing behaviour that limits the client’s professional development.

Health care leaves hospital and goes home

HEALTH care is moving out of the hospital and into the home, says St John of God Healthcare Subiaco CEO Neale Fong.

Australian biotech tackles US

AUSTRALIAN biotechnology company Genesis Biomedical Ltd recently announced plans to form an alliance with US orthopaedic bracing company Bodyworks Inc.

Cycling proves successful

A TRIAL to encourage people to use alternative transport methods is showing interesting results.

Water companies well afloat

THE pure water market in Australia is growing at between 20 per cent to 30 per cent a year, according to Billabong Water Quality Management director Richard Patterson.

Private hospital spreads its wings

AUSTRALIA’S largest private hospital is expanding its services.

Massage comes to office

PERTH business people can now have a relaxing massage in the comfort of their own office.

Environment not only concern

ENVIRONMENTAL factors may not be the only things to contribute to sick building syndrome.

No pain no gain is no good: consultant

NO PAIN no gain simply does not work anymore with personal training says balancing lifestyle consultant Annette Stanton.

Nunc est bibendum

Bibendum surprises on many fronts. Surprise, because I did not come to it with high expectations yet left delighted and wondering why people aren’t queuing around the corner to get in.

Burswood bounces back

PERTH’S dedicated convention and exhibition centre is guaranteed to be built in the Perth CBD and it is to include a soccer and rugby stadium.

Bug attacks weakened Asia

PARTS of Asia struggling to overcome the effects of the recent financial crisis may be struck down by the Y2K bug.

Hotel chain looks to uni sites

WA universities are being targeted as sites for future Travelodge hotels following an agreement reached with leading Australian property development company CRI, Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation (SPHC) and Mac-quarie University in Sydney.

Focus and leadership grow success

Ever wondered why some businesses thrive and grow rapidly from humble beginnings to major successes while others just roll along in a comfortable malaise unaware of impending doom?

Uni moves into forensics

Curtin University of Technology is moving to become an international centre for forensic science research and education and a major source of long-term assistance to nations, particularly in South East Asia, in crime solving through science.

WA confidence languishes

BUSINESS confidence in WA for the medium term still languishes, according to a Chamber of Commerce and Industry survey.

CCI steps in

Concern at the lack of commitment toward economic reform by political parties has prompted the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA to prepare a policy document.

Foodservice growth outstrips retail

THE foodservice industry is growing at twice the rate of retail food sales, according to a recent report by BIS Shrapnel.