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thyssenkrupp; ground-breaking mining solutions.


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thyssenkrupp; ground-breaking mining solutions.

thyssenkrupp is a global market leader in mineral processing and handling, and is urging the sector to update and improve machinery before experiencing expensive breakdowns.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), thyssenkrupp’s machinery, equipment and processes are used worldwide to increase the efficiency and sustainability of processing raw materials.

Its expertise ranges from mines, processing plant, port and stockyard services, and digital services within these areas are extremely comprehensive and include quality control and analytics, and remote inspections.    

National sales manager Chad Koch fears the adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ could be proving costly for operators and urges them to update and improve the efficiency of existing machinery to save time and money in the long term.

He calls it future proofing.

“By combining our OEM know-how with state-of-the-art sensor technology, data analysis and smart software we can fully exhaust the potential of our clients’ assets,” he says.

“Our solutions help them determine if their plant is performing the way it was designed to, and to assess what measures can be taken to improve its output.

“We offer clients an opportunity to enhance the productivity and safety of their machines while reducing costs.

“Our customers are after all, operating in highly competitive markets which demand high productivity while having a reasonable cost structure.

“Our digitalised expertise enables them to successfully accomplish that and help them compete in these markets.

“By using our digital solutions, we ensure plants and machinery are operating in a reliable and safe fashion resulting in less outage time and with greater control over the processes.”

thyssenkrupp’s wide range of innovative solutions include its Online Digital Twin Conveyor, Ship Loader Automation, Car Dumper Automation, Stacker-Reclaimer Automation and Maintenance Assistance Eco System or Remote Services in addition to remote condition monitoring to support the optimization of maintenance strategies, service and spare parts management.

It has a full range of Gyratory crusher products and Eccentric Rolls Crusher (ERC) for hard rock where the height of jaw crushers and gyratory crushers may require expensive and costly structures.

With the ERC thyssenkrupp has developed a groundbreaking solution which is compact, robust and ideally suited to underground and surface operations.

Mr Koch says its innovative design with an integrated screen offers significantly higher efficiency than conventional crushers.   

thyssenkrupp’s digital products across mines, processing and stockyards include smart processing plant to produce reports, advanced machine protection, condition monitoring gearbox hydraulics, stockpile management systems and ship loader automation.

Its Stud Detection System is a great example Smart Processing plant improving efficiency and saves clients labour costs by eliminating the need for manual inspections.

The system is continuously in operation, delivers a wear report every two hours and stops only when maintenance is required.

Mr Koch says in today’s industry customers face an enormous burden to tackle the pressure of being profitable by increasing the throughput and decreasing the down times of their plants.

“This is where our digitalised expertise comes into effect. Most of the operating machines and a lot of plant equipment are already producing vast amounts of data,” he says.

“We enable clients to use this data adequately, by combining it with our technical expertise that allows us to put data into the proper technical context, draw the right conclusions and make proposals for decisions that add value to our customer’s plant operations.”

That’s supported by the company’s multiple service centres supporting clients from Port Hedland and Henderson in Western Australia, and Mackay in Queensland.

“For example, Mr Koch says our dedicated service centre in Henderson is available for the HPGR improvements with a dedicated team able to  install at site.”

“Having the experience in this field ensures a reduced downtime for our customers and their operations.

“We also have critical spare holding options to reduce client’s need to warehouse plant.”

Chad Koch,thyssenkrupp's National Sales Manager 


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