Startup ideas need to solve problems, not revisit past efforts. Photo: Stockphoto

Zombie ideas will hold you back

One of the features of each Startup Weekend is the number of ideas that re-emerge, year after year. At every single event, there will be a pitch for some of these ideas.


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Great to hear from someone so experienced whose seen these patterns in early stage ideas at events with a primarily educational purpose. Every SW or similar event I attend there are those common ideas, every participant commonly learns immensely, and also invariably some ideas become ventures that are unique, magic and with huge potential. Regarding diversity, I wonder if it's not so much that great ideas only come from diverse founders (gender, race, education), rather that the founders can hear and integrate information from diverse perspectives that affect their venture (customers, mentors, workers, regulators, competitors)? I also appreciate this piece drawing attention to the tendency to focus on immediate, proximate, problems. It seems there are many ways innovators can orient their attention: removing their annoyances; restoration of others' health; preventing problems or unhealth even arising; or creating the platforms and potential for future health. While the timeframe to payment may be longer than 54 hours, so may be the duration of the benefit. If it's true that "we" (SW participants) are comfortable and our problems are primarily existential, perhaps Steve Blank's famous refrain to 'get out of the building' should come earlier in the phase of events? Rather than Saturday afternoon when you are trying to find people to validate the solution to the problem you've already settled on, perhaps it should be the first thing we do on Friday? While the question may be the same "what can I start, this weekend?" perhaps the person, location and orientation may be different. Zombie ideas could hold us back temporarily, but my sense is, looking forward, outward, together (as is Startup Weekend's general orientation) nothing will ever stop us.

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