23/08/2021 - 15:55

Yelo removed from Trigg redevelopment

23/08/2021 - 15:55


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A $4.75 million plan to build a four-storey development at the site of popular northern beaches cafe Yelo will be considered for a third time, but without the cafe.

Yelo removed from Trigg redevelopment
The $4.75 million plan to build a four-storey development features six dwellings and an office. Image: MJA Studio

A $4.75 million plan to build a four-storey development at the site of popular northern beaches café Yelo will return to the development assessment panel for a third time, but without the café.

An amended development application is set to return to the Metro-Inner Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) later this week after the administrative tribunal urged it to reconsider its refusal of the plans, but with one less apartment and an office tenancy in the place of Yelo Café.

Property development company Momentum Wealth has been spearheading the development since 2019, the latest iteration of which is four storeys and features six dwellings and an office tenancy on West Coast Drive.

But the City of Stirling council has opposed the plans, arguing that the building’s height and bulk were inconsistent with the character of the area and did not comply with the requirements of the local planning scheme.

Surrounding residents also raised concerns about the bulk and scale of the development and the subsequent impact of overshadowing, labelling it “Too big for Trigg”, and flagged concerns about the impact it could have on the site - which already experiences traffic congestion issues.

The JDAP was asked to reconsider its refusal of the proposal and assess amended plans in July 2020, after the proponent requested a review of the decision by the state administrative tribunal.

But in March, the JDAP refused the development application; prompting another review by the tribunal.

During a meeting earlier this month, the council again recommended the updated application be refused on the basis that the concerns regarding the proposal’s height and bulk had not been addressed.

While acknowledging the change in tenancy had addressed parking concerns, the city described the change as “unfortunate” and said the issues raised by the JDAP could have been addressed by a reduction in the bulk and scale of the building.

The council has recommended the panel reaffirm its decision to refuse the proposal.

The proponent’s supporting documentation stated that while the importance of the existing Yelo Café as a community asset was recognised, the city’s parking requirements had rendered that aspect of the development “unviable”.

Yelo Café has occupied the premises for more than a decade, with a short term lease in place pending the redevelopment of the site.

Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins, who is also the president of the Real Estate Institute of WA, indicated the cafe was likely to be removed from the proposal back in March, vowing to return with alternative plans.

“The city has made its position clear, they’re the ones that have to respond to the local community when they lose their café,” he told Business News in March.

He told Business News this afternoon that he was disappointed by the latest recommendation, but not surprised, and said he believed it to be politically motivated.

"Unfortunately, we have a situation where a group of well-resourced local residents are opposed to any sort of development," he said.

"We've made extensive changes to the proposal and removed the cafe to address parking issues, and now its been recommended for refusal based on 'bulk and scale'."

The proposal is scheduled to go to a SAT hearing.

The owner of Yelo opened two new venues in June, including one in Cottesloe and another in Inglewood.


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