27/11/2014 - 17:07

Wolf to join elite pack

27/11/2014 - 17:07


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Wolf to join elite pack

With many Perth mining companies currently licking their wounds and simply trying to keep the lights on, few are contemplating funding a DFS let alone production.
One Perth mining company however has been beavering away in the rolling hills of southern England having completed a DFS, secured permitting, locked away funding, started construction and signed off take agreements.
Unlike many other Perth mining hopefuls however, Wolf Minerals aren’t chasing Gold,
Nickel or Iron Ore.
At around USD $30 000 a ton and with a market of around $3b annually, “Tungsten” is set to catapult Wolf into producer status by Q3 2015 as they join a small but elite group of tungsten producers around the globe.

Tungsten is well known for its cutting and drilling ability with more and more drill bits now exhibiting tungsten tips.
Cutting wheels used to cut metal are generally tungsten coated and even ball point pens are made with some tungsten.
The mineral is best known however as the filament that keeps blowing in household light globes and it is also used in the massive mobile phone market as a telephone vibrator.
The company’s Hemerdon project in politically safe England is now well under construction with Wolf aiming to produce around 3450 tons of Tungsten per annum potentially bringing in revenues of up to $100m a year for Wolf shareholders


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