When crunch time comes, carrots are tops

The state’s carrot sector has undergone a period of major export growth.


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My family actually started the potato marketing off years ago, having a 16 acre contract that were 2 or 4 was big and hardly anyone with 8, just gave to family friends the Sumich to let them get started, and carrots definitely hurt them up in KUNNER later on, which we advised against them doing there or 20,000 acres of carrot wasn't that issue only transportation then. Enjoy your day all

I was speaking with a farm owner of a much smaller scale to Tony Galati's. He said that without the Potato Marketing Board, they wouldn't make any money as people who own large amount of land like Mr. Galati would undercut them price-wise. However as consumers should we pay a higher price because of a board that was created half a century ago? There used to be boards for all types of produce, but the rest of them have disappeared overtime. I suppose there's two sides to every story!

That's why the Potato board was established, plus to ensure quality as well, and you can go either way today it seems is the truth. Consumers well without a board there's no regulations, in Mr. Galati can do as he wants, pesticides to kill off crops for early market, bla, bla, bla, it is all about paying for what you want instead or truly the old veg patch at home for potatoes is the way to go really, seeing they keep until next year or 2 crops a year is all you would need. As I don't know current licenses to grow potatoes but it was close to a million an acre I heard.

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