06/08/2019 - 13:09

What do your Graduates want?

06/08/2019 - 13:09


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There is a whole new generation of university graduates stepping out into the world, eager to make a start on their professional careers. As a recent graduate myself I fall into this category. I have invested so much of my time into my degree, working towards the qualifications for my dream job, so now that it is time to take that step into the professional world, I’m thinking much broader about what I want from my career than just my salary.

With more employment choices available than ever before, I’m asking myself what my future employers are able to offer me in return. From a graduate to an employer, here are three ways you can attract and motivate my cohort and to tackle any mountain you care to put before us.

1.     I seek challenge and stimulation

Coming straight from University, I know that I will have some mundane duties as part of my new role but I do want to be challenged. My motivation levels are high, I’m determined, and I’m eager to show you my worth and make an impression.

The last few months of my degree have seen me spend more time in a library than anywhere else and there is nothing I crave more than variety and thought-provoking work. Challenging me with complex and meaningful work will allow me to continue to grow and give me an opportunity to show you that I have the potential for higher achievements. Give me a stimulating environment that pushes me to think critically and I can promise you, that you will have one of the most hardworking and loyal graduates in the workforce.

2.     I crave frequent feedback

I want to learn and I want to grow and regular feedback is the ticket here. I’m more receptive to feedback than you would think. I want to know how I’m progressing and how I can improve. My drive to succeed, impress and develop means any feedback I receive is valuable and always taken onboard. I have developed an appetite for feedback and while performance appraisals are vital in providing this, I want to receive feedback on an ongoing basis to help me know if I’m succeeding or not. Knowing I’m on the right track and being guided when I’m not will keep me engaged, motivated and communicates to me that you’re invested in me.

3.     I like to understand how I can progress

Finally but most importantly paving a path for career progression is the best way to have me lining up for a role with your company. I’m more ambitious than I will ever be and will generally place a higher value on opportunities to progress over anything else.  A Price Waterthouse Coopers survey called “Millennials at work – reshaping the workplace in financial services” indicated the opportunity for career progression was one of the key motivators for choosing a potential employer. 

With competition for attracting the best talent on the rise, promoting learning and development programs and showing me you’re invested in my career progression is going to see me put you at the top of my list as an employer of choice.

In summary

I’m looking for more than just a nine to five, or a steady climb to reach the peak of corporate Mount Everest. I want my work to feel important and worthwhile. I want to learn as much as I possibly can, and I value development and a challenge more than a salary.  Provide me with the time and resources to achieve this and you will have a loyal and talented graduate who adds significant value to your organisation and perhaps I’ll even teach you something along the way.  

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