21/09/2011 - 10:11

Wealth creators

21/09/2011 - 10:11


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Andrew Forrest: Once Australia's richest man, on paper, the past year has seen the Fortescue Metals Group founder's holdings revive in value to be worth more than $5.7 billion.

It would be easy to call the many names gathered on the  following pages a rich list, but it is not that simple. By and large, the names we have found have been directors or key executives of listed companies at such an early point that they have amassed a fortune for themselves and others.

That is wealth creation. These are not the later board appointees who have an interest in the business. In many cases their wealth is tied to the company. In some cases, they are serial directors or investors, joining more than one company at an early phase and capitalising on many successful outcomes.

Not all the wealth creators are in listed companies. We have also identified the major private wealth creators. Most are self made people.

While the mining story is writ large across these pages, there is a surprising amount of wealth created outside that sector.

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