'We’ve got to get rid of the Cottesloes': Lenzo

Leading property industry player Joe Lenzo says the proposed amalgamation of a number local councils would benefit property development in the state.


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Mt Lawley
It sounds like Joe Lenzo of the Property Council of Australia WA favours full bottle 'rape and pillage' development of the kind that gives 'property developers' a reputation like 'used car salesmen!' The NERVE of those Western Suburbs Councils that he identifies 'as an area in particular need of the reform'...Just because they don't want to see Cottesloe ending up as a CLONE of Queensland's Gold Coast: an ENDLESS string of 40-story luxury apartment buildings. (Empty when the 'off-the-plan' market collapses, bankrupting buyers and developers alike...) I'm sincerely GLAD that the Premier lives in Cottesloe, and favours moderation: he may not agree with a 3-4 storey height limit, but he's unlikely to favour 40-50 storey luxury condo buildings shadowing Cottesloe Beach for MOST of daylight hours!

Mr Lenzo is very mistaken and is brainwashed by who knows who, probably himself . The reason Cottesloe, and other small Council's, are far better places to live is because they are small localised Council's. The planners at the local Cottesloe council, know more intimately their area. The voice and systems of a localised area are more in tune with their community and what their inhabitants want. Mr Lenzo's comments are profoundly unacademic, and brainwashed. Anyone who is anybody knows that central planning is not as good as local planning - for the community. Mr Lenzo's one-size-fits-all approach is a threat to the people of Cottesloe and other small Council's. It is also a threat to Australian culture. Cottesloe works harder for its community than ANY amalgamated central council will. The City of Stirling, for example, is a joke compared to Cottesloe Local Council. Why? Because the City of Stirling is so big that planners don't even know their area that well. Central planning ideology, like Mr Lenzo's, is a threat and weakness to Australia. I'm a former town planner and real estate valuer, and I've lived in all these suburbs for years. I know what I'm talking about. Mr Lenzo's just saying it to make development for big 'one-size-fits-all' developers, not because the people living in the local council want it.

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