SOUND STRATEGY: Lindsay Lyon has a new strategy for Shark Shield, which deters sharks via of an electrical wave-form underwater. Photo: Terry Lyon

Waves beneath the waves

A Perth company believes its technology offers a solution for surfers dealing with shark attacks.


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I think the concept of shark shield is great and would happily invest in buying one if I knew that it would work. The article refers to the product being independently tested and this is accurate, however it also claims that it is a scientifically proven deterrent. This is misleading, as recent tests undertaken on great white sharks have been far from a roaring success. The testing was published by the South Australian Research and Development Institute. This product still has a long way to go and chanting that it really works, unfortunately will not make it so!

Perth, Western Australia
I’d recommend people actually read the scientific testing published rather than quote biased media reports. Similarly to study by Smit and Peddemors (2003) which showed that the SharkPOD statistically reduced the probability of an attack by over 80%, the more recent SARDI study showed that the electric deterrent affected the behaviour of white sharks and significantly reduced the probability of a breach on a moving target. 189 tows were conducted using a seal decoy near Seal Island, South Africa. No breaches and only two surface interactions were observed during the dynamic seal decoy tows when the deterrent was activated, compared to 16 breaches and 27 surface interactions when the deterrent was not activated. The FREEDOM7 also increased the average distance between white sharks and potential preys. Please also view our YouTube Channel.

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