The sale of Western Power is a major plank of Colin Barnett’s economic plan. Photo: Attila Csaszar

WA Treasury confirms Liberal costings

Treasury costings of the Liberal Party’s campaign promises have shown the estimates to be reasonable, with the Liberal's plan showing the state getting back to a small surplus in 2019-20.

The Liberals have made more than $2.8 billion in promises, including the controversial Perth Freight Link project.

"The estimates have been based on a sound information set and methodologies," WA's under-treasurer Michael Barnes said today.


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Wake up Western Australians... We cant afford Labor...

Not that I care who does the "costings" but surely we should be looking at the infrastructure promises that will last for generations? Train lines, tram lines, ports, roads, dams, desalination plants - assets that will make not only our lives better, but our children and grandchildren. As opposed to football stadium that the football code should have paid for. A riverfront arena that cost a fortune and still has issues. A childrens' hospital that won't have enough beds in 7 years for the expected population growth...

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