01/02/2013 - 12:03

WA Libs win big donations

01/02/2013 - 12:03


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WA Libs win big donations

The state Liberal party has been the main beneficiary of donations from Western Australian business over the past year, new campaign finance data reveals.

Annual financial disclosure returns released today by the Australian Electoral Commission show that the single largest donation from a WA-based business or individual for 2011-12 was a $250,000 donation from Perth millionaire Terry Jackson to the Liberals' WA Division.

Mr Jackson, the man behind the Kreepy Krauly pool cleaning business, has been a long-time donor to the Liberals and was the inaugural chairman of the 500 Club, an influential conservative fundraising group.

Prospector Mark Creasy, who has made donations to both sides of politics in previous years, donated $84,000 to the federal Liberals.

Copper miner Sandfire Resources donated $50,000 to the federal Liberals in addition to the $100,000 it donated to the party last year, while the Tony Sage-chaired International Goldfields donated $35,000 to the Nationals’ WA branch.

The Nationals also received a $25,000 donation from the Ascot Capital-linked Jandakot City.

Schaffer Capital, whose non-executive director Danielle Blain is a former president of the state Liberal party, donated $28,000 to the Liberals’ WA branch.

Patersons Securities and Straits Resources each donated $25,000 to the Liberals in WA, while property investor Ron Packer’s Terrace Properties & Investment donated $23,000.

At a national level, a number of major companies made large donations to both sides of politics. Westfield Group donated $150,000 to both Labor and the Liberals, and both parties received more than $100,000 from Woodside Energy and $80,000 from ANZ Banking Group.

Clive Palmer’s Mineralogy, traditionally a major donor to the WA branches of both the Liberal and National parties, instead focused his attention on the Liberal National Party in Queensland, which received more than $176,000 from the billionaire.  

The single largest donation at a national level was a $500,000 donation to the federal Liberal party from Paul Ramsay Holdings, owner of Ramsay Health Care.

More than $125 million was donated to political parties across the nation in 2011-12 – well below the $228 million donated in the federal election year of 2010-11, but more than the $91 million donated in 2009-10.

Nationally, the Liberal party received $55 million, Labor received just under $50 million and the Nationals received $8 million.



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