Unisys West’s blueprint blitz

05/08/2003 - 22:00


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IT business solutions provider Unisys West is utilising economies of scale to differentiate itself and capture market share, according to CEO Murray Rosa.

IT business solutions provider Unisys West is utilising economies of scale to differentiate itself and capture market share, according to CEO Murray Rosa.

The company is now looking to license ‘blueprints’ of the technology it is creating for certain clients to sell in the world arena.

Mr Rosa said that, with a data centre in Northbridge and a data recovery centre in North Perth, the company was well placed to provide services to a range of corporate and government clients, and to build on its existing client base.

Established in September 2000, Unisys West was created through a joint venture between Unisys and BankWest with the aim of creating a Western Australian services-based technology company.

Unisys West has since grown from 140 staff in 2000 to more than 200 and has won several lucrative contracts with the WA Department of Education and Training, WA Department of Land Information and the WA Department of Justice.

“We’ve secured in excess of $40 million worth of business in the past six months – we’re way ahead of plan,” Mr Rosa said.

Unisys West was in discussions with clients including the Department of Justice to sell the blueprint of its technology, which he said would assist clients maximise their return on investment.

Mr Rosa said in the case of the Department of Justice, Unisys West developed a system called the Integrated Courts Management System to replace the ageing legacy Oracle based system that supported the operation of the courts.

“What we are interested in doing is the idea of Unisys West buying the blueprint that has been developed for Justice and selling it in the world arena,” he said.

The company also is looking to target eastern States-based companies that have a WA presence.

“The amount of activity going on in WA is enough to keep us busy and focused, however we are looking at opportunities where we can leverage our capabilities,” Mr Rosa said.

“We are pursuing opportunities on the east coast and Unisys is inviting us in to pursue these opportunities, for example in the resources industry.”

Mr Rosa said Unisys West’s major strength was that it was a local company with a local focus that is backed by an international company, Unisys.

Mr Rosa said the company invested heavily in staff and infrastructure to ensure it could deliver on its promises.

“We do invest significant resources into staff to ensure they can step up to the mark with every contract we set up,” he said.

“We are investing in infrastructure, not only in our data centre and disaster recovery centre, but our equipment to enable us to provide that capability.

“The past 18 months have been challenging, given the state of the economy, but we are recognised as a world-class provider.”

“The next six to 12 months will be very exciting for the industry and certainly very exciting for us.”

Mr Rosa said that, if successful, the Halifax-Bank of Scotland (HBOS) buy-out would have no impact on Unisys West.

“The contractual agreement we already have in place protects both BankWest, Unisys West and our customer base,” Mr Rosa said.


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