04/02/2021 - 09:00

UK group plans $20m WA project

04/02/2021 - 09:00


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UK group plans $20m WA project
Ian Lynass will run Blue Phoenix's local operations. Photo: Supplied

Blue Phoenix Group is planning to invest $20 million establishing a specialist processing facility in Kwinana after striking a contract with the developer of a giant waste-to-energy plant.

Blue Phoenix has signed a 25-year contract with Avertas Energy to build, own and operate an Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) processing facility.

The ash will be a by-product of the $700 million waste-to-energy plant being built by Avertas, which will process 400,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year.

Blue Phoenix, which operates IBA processing facilities globally, said it has been working on Australian market opportunities for three years.

It has recruited experienced Perth executive Ian Lynass to run its local operations.

“We are very proud to have secured the opportunity to work with the team at Avertas Energy on Australia’s first EfW project,” Mr Lynass said.

“The program will see us build, own, and operate a new IBA processing facility in Kwinana, using a proven process that is already being used successfully across the globe.

“We process the ash, remove the metals and repatriate the residual aggregate into civil applications therefore diverting the IBA from landfill – a more sustainable outcome.”

The UK-based company said its process allows minerals to be recovered from the furnace and used as a recycled aggregate in civil construction.

Its process also recovers metals that can be separated and reused.

Blue Phoenix will begin construction of the Kwinana plant in early 2021.

During construction, 30-40 jobs will be supported and when operational Blue Phoenix will employ and specially-train 10 full-time staff.

Avertas Energy is building Australia’s first waste-to-energy plant and is being closely followed by the $511 million East Rockingham Waste to Energy project.

Further waste-to-energy plants are likely to be built across Australia as countries like China and Indonesia stop importing waste products and regulators seek to minimise landfill.

This trend will open up further opportunities for Blue Phoenix.

Global chief executive Paul Knight said Blue Phoenix does not see landfills as the final destination for residue ash.

“Rather, we give waste a new life, providing technology that ensures the reduction of virgin material and provides a fully circular solution to the economy,” Mr Knight said.


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