02/11/2020 - 09:44

Top 4 Best Timber Types for Chairs

02/11/2020 - 09:44


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Australian timber requirements for commercial furniture in particle for chairs is to be extremely robust, strong and hard wearing with a flare of charter. Importantly the timber must suit the environment or design of the space where the product may be situated, the characteristics of the natural timber will always enhance a room or add to the feel of the place.

Timber has many variations in colour, grain and texture meaning every piece is unique to your space. There are many types of timber used for furniture, selecting your next statement piece will be a breeze with these tips. So we have narrowed the top best timbers down to the 4 most reliable and common types used in commercial furniture to suit the most creative designs and the harsh Australian climate.

Before jumping into timber types, we believe it’s important to understand where your timber is sourced from. Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers and an important consideration when `selecting timber furniture.  The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) makes this easy by certifying manufacturers that use timber sourced legally and sustainably and marking them with a forest certification label. In a recent survey, we discovered that 30% of consumers said that they actively look for forest certification labels, with the FSC label being the most trusted global forest certification label.

A bit about timber types.

1. Beech: Beech is a strong and heavy hardwood often used to make pieces that require bending. It has a naturally light colour and a fine, tight grain that gives it a uniform look. The most famous beech timber chair would be the No 18 Bentwood by Michael Thonet, seen in restaurants and cafes around the world.

2. Ash: Ash is a tough hardwood known for its heavy weight, strength, hardness and shock resistance. It’s so tough that it’s used to make baseball bats! Ash has a visible, distinct grain, which is an elegant touch for those looking to bring a natural element into a setting. Its natural colour varies from creamy white or grey to light brown. Victoria Ash in particular is great for many indoor surfaces from credenzas, tables or cabinets

3. Oak: Oak is one of the most commonly known woods on the market that is valued for its hardness, strength, durability and wearability. Oak comes in two main types: red and white. Oak may darken slowly over time, though the colour change is on the subtle side. Tassie Oak is a very strong robust Australian timber which has been used throughout the commercial furniture market from table tops through to chairs and lounges.

4. Jarrah: The best known timber in Western Australia has been used extensively across all aspects of the furniture market from frame construction utilising its strength through to chairs and lounges and many wall units or wall cladding showcasing and highlighting its richness of reds and strong grains, truly a beautiful timber.

Excellence in timber manufacturing is paramount in meeting the demands of heavy commercial environments. One of Furniture Options key brands is Fenabel; a family-owned furniture company based in Portugal and they are a market leader of commercial timber furniture. The Fenabel brand stands out in international markets, with special emphasis on foyer’s, offices, restaurants, hotels, aged care facilities and commercial spaces. Furniture Options is the exclusive Australian supplier of Fenabel – The heart of seating.


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