16/04/2008 - 22:00

The Lighter Note: Business tiger pledges allegiance

16/04/2008 - 22:00


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ALTHOUGH Jim Malone (pictured right) is tackling powerhouses these days under the Richmond nametag, the former Tigers general manager is operating under a completely different banner to football. In keeping with his beloved affiliation with the club he was general manager for from 1994- 2000, Malone will next month float a company on the ASX called Richmond Mining Ltd. "It’s your prerogative when you run a company," he told The Note, "you can call it whatever you want." "I’ve been a supporter of the club for most of my life and will continue to support it. "You’d be surprised how football is never too far from conversation." Malone follows the likes of Nathan McMahon in keeping close ties with football in the business world. McMahon fronts WA company Cazaly Resources, named after Tasmanian football legend Roy Cazaly, who was one of the oldest recorded players when he retired in 1941, aged 48. However, for Malone, while names like Creedence (after Clearwater Revival fame) and Corona (after the beverage) got thrown around, he says he scored a winner with Richmond. The moniker was meant to be temporary, but it looks like it will be staying. "We were planning on renaming the company some time down the track but in the end I got my way and it stuck," he joked. Malone also said he will donate Richmond Mining stock to his former club as a further testament to his allegiance.


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