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The Lighter Note

18/11/2010 - 00:00


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The Lighter Note

Study tourist

The Note’s memory is mainly outsourced but occasionally a gem of recollection appears between sips on our pina colada.

This week it occurred when we stumbled across the name Lyle Palmer while trawling through a list of medical research grant winners. Tragic isn’t it!

Avid readers will recall Professor Palmer, a WA Business News 40under40 winner, was heading up the ambitious Joondalup Health Study which was going to make Perth a medical Mecca. This was a good idea but the Note hears it got bogged down in red tape.

We lost contact with the good Prof’s whereabouts after he disappeared from that project last year, so it was surprising to see him named among the grant recipients in WA.

Well a little bit of detective work revealed that Professor Palmer is now running the Ontario Health Study, a project launched publicly last month that will be a long-term study into the health of the Canadian capital’s population.

Those pesky Canadians, stealing our people and ideas.

Visionary research

As hip and with it as the Note is – Tweet us, go on, just try – the advent of 3D TV is not something that has, thus far, gotten us up off our banana lounge.

However, there was a flurry of excitement, of sorts, when the aforementioned search for medical research grant info also accidently revealed another 40under40 winner who achieved academic success.

The Note hurriedly propped itself on one elbow to read how Murdoch University’s Duane Varan had just completed a comprehensive study into 3D TV audience reactions for global broadcaster ESPN. The study found fans who watched thousands of hours of World Cup soccer enjoyed the 3D coverage more, and recalled the ads better.

Some would argue this isn’t as important as health research but the Note will have none of that.

Take us to the lab.



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