05/03/2013 - 21:08

The Lighter Note

05/03/2013 - 21:08


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The Lighter Note

Milky way

Good luck to the V8 Supercar Championship and WA diary group Brownes for their ambitious sponsorship deal.

The Note generally associates car racing with things that have a go-faster feeling and a plethora of specialised lubricants, so we were intrigued by the idea of linking the motorsport with something as mellow as a range of choc milks and iced coffee.

Even the name of the chosen milk range, Chill, seems ironic, but maybe that’s how it is meant to work. The rebadged Chill Perth 360 comes to Perth in May at Wanneroo’s Barbagallo Raceway.

Former V8 Supercars champion, multiple Bathurst winner and West Aussie Garth Tander announced the sponsorship deal this week. Mr Tander is pictured in the middle with Brownes general manager Ben Purcell, flanked by other racers Dean Fiore (left) and Alex Davison.

The Note just wants to see a magnum of choc milk dispensed in the appropriate way on the winners’ dais. We reckon that will win over the unconverted.

The IT place to be

The Note is always searching for more evidence that Perth has climbed out of the primordial swamp and evolved to challenge other cities for more than just good weather and beach (not that there is anything wrong with that).

We know it isn’t PC for the small town hicks to want to beat the big guys at their own game, but that is human nature.

So we were heartened to hear that we have pull ourselves up one more rung, claiming to have in residence one of Australia’s chief IT officers.

So stand up Jason Cowie who is CIO at Calibre Group, a listed engineering, project delivery and asset management company. Mr Cowie was named Industrials CIO in the recently held iTnews Benchmark Awards.


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