05/05/2022 - 09:40

The Future of Work and How to Engage Employees

05/05/2022 - 09:40


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The Future of Work and How to Engage Employees

These days, large and small businesses are struggling to transform digitally and keep pace with the enormous rate of change. Part of this challenge involves moving to a more digital way of working where employees and contractors have the digital tools keep up to date in real time. 

“People have reached a limit to the number of email blasts they can receive and absorb, and now expect information on demand, including up-to-date COVID management  information,  company news, safety messaging, site updates and more.

“Intranets are important but that content is not consumed as much as it used to be. Instead, vital information needs to be on the device, in real time,” said co-founder, Clinton Schroeder.

An innovative workforce automation platform, TOKN, is set to revolutionise the way companies can stay in touch with remotely located employees. By empowering those employees with the tools to effectively access all the information they need in the palm of their hands, TOKN sets a new standard in open communication streams with workers near and far.

With over 5,000 active users of TOKN, a number of companies are already enjoying the benefit of this system of maintaining an engaged and informed workforce. Founded in 2016 by Mr Schroeder and Kevin Venter, TOKN has already helped organisations transform the way they communicate with a dispersed workforce using the power of mobile digital technology, enhancing daily interactions and giving mobile workers the opportunity to stay connected to their HQ in ways other systems are unable to deliver.

“Essentially, we have built a mobile first Content Management Service (CMS) system that allows administrative office staff to send immediate news alerts, important updates and broadcasts, safety messages, job alerts and induction information to remote workforces through the TOKN app,” said Mr Schroeder.

“This reduces  the reliance of emails, hard-to-maintain intranets or other portals. It means remote workers can easily access all the information they need on their phones, a connection that is possible, despite the kilometres between their work site and the corporate headquarters.”

Consolidated Minerals has already employed this solution, an organisation that manages employees and contractors in some of the most remote areas in the world. With operating conditions changing rapidly, including weather events, traffic, blast notices and COVID response plans, keeping the workforce up-to-date and engaged has been a priority.

“TOKN was able to connect and engage the ConsMin workforce by instantly distributing information to employees and contractors through their smart devices; the app works instantly across any smart device, securely and at scale,” said Mr Schroeder.

Measurable results have seen over 2,000 weekly app interactions with real-time feedback to the ConsMin management team, as well as real-time weather updates for all to access. Allied health offerings have also been an interesting addition to TOKN’s reach with the easy distribution of mental health awareness information, contributing to the destigmatising of mental health issues, as well as notification of exercise classes on the various workplace sites.

“Partnering with TOKN allowed ConsMin to quickly and cost effectively deliver an app to our workforce that aligns with the company's branding policy,” said Jenelle Goddard, GM of Finance, ConsMin.

“Most importantly, the app allows for greater engagement with our workforce, delivering important information as soon as possible.”

Research shows that an engaged and informed workforce is a safer and more productive workforce. By giving remote employees the power of instant communication in their own hands via their own mobile devices, the connection between onsite workers and those in the corporate office is strengthened.

“Using a user-friendly app like TOKN reinforces the relationship between worker and management, encouraging those far from the boardroom to feel part of the organisation, and more inclined to commit to staying in the job, long-term.”

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