27/04/2004 - 22:00

The FDI Strategic Research Agenda

27/04/2004 - 22:00


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FDI decided that a matrix framework would provide a useful integrated systems analytical tool.

The FDI Strategic Research Agenda

FDI decided that a matrix framework would provide a useful integrated systems analytical tool.

We chose five key areas of national endeavour and five key strategic themes for Australia’s future.


# Economy – the economic aspect of our future is an important consideration, a strong Australian economy underpins success in other areas of national endeavour.

# Population – critical choices about our population, its size, shape and geographic distribution, how well educated and how well it is engaged and motivated as a productive Australian community, are central to our future.

# Security – security and a sense of living in a secure environment is fundamental to our positive performance at the international, national and local community levels.

# Resources – the choices we make in effectively, efficiently and sustainably utilising our natural and human resources, including how well we manage our physical environment, are vital to our future.

# Governance – how we are organised, how we make decisions, our values, ethics and character present defining choices for what type of people we are and will profoundly impact on our success as a nation-state.


# International engagement and regional influence – as a developed, medium power Australia’s future will be critically defined by how well it understands and optimally positions itself in a dynamic international environment over which it has little direct control.

# Sovereignty management – as an independent nation-state Australia has important choices to make about sovereignty; the extent to which we are prepared to compromise, collaborate, acquiesce or stand firm on issues ranging from border protection to intellectual property will define our future.

# Sustainable development – we must constantly pursue an aspiration of sustainable development in everything that we do, including our utilisation of natural resources.

# Knowledge edge – given our vast geography and location along with our relatively sparse population it is essential that we optimally harness our human endeavour, so that all Australians have the opportunity to reach their potential and make the maximum contribution.

# Quality of life – the quality of our physical, emotional and intellectual environment, including our social condition, is vital for our future and will define our success as a nation of positive, happy people.


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