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Tensions remain over council change

The premier may be lining up for a second dig at local government reform.


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South Perth
Don't judge all Perth Councils by 2 bad ones. The majority of local councils are accountable and transparent. Rate increases mean better facilities and services not overseas trips, expensive and unnecessary cars or dress allowances. 2 councils out of control are playing into the hands of the Government who will use these bad apples to thrust local government reform on the rest of us who have shown We DON'T want it. Funny isn't it that Perth City and Stirling were not going to be absorbed by other local Councils! Perth City in fact was to be given more benefits by State Govt through the forced largesse of other local Councils! Every councillor knows that any form of gift is to be declared and the whole council must ratify the budget so how do these 2 councils get away with it?

I agree with more disclosure for all layers of government, especially political party donations. I thank the Nationals WA for upholding the Dadour amendment which gives ratepayers and residents a choice in forced amalgamations. The Premier forgets to mention cost shifting from state government to local government in the same sentence as rate rises. If you are concerned about rate rises, watch out for the rubbish levy tsunami coming to a council near you.

If they want to open the real can of worms then investigate the long term ongoing relationships between high ranking local government officials and property developers in Western Australia. WA's worst kep secret. Perth makes the Philippines look tame when it comes to the brown paper envelope under the table brigade.

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