The rise of technology has introduced competition in the on-demand transport industry. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Taxi tax could be admin headache

A taxi levy to buy back plates could be a major administrative headache for the sector and punish more efficient players, according to Ingogo chief executive Hamish Petrie.


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The taxi plates were sold by the government at a price and the proceeds went into consolidated revenue. If the taxi plates are going to be bought back, then the price has been determined and the costs can then come straight out of consolidated revenue. A no brainer really.

The body that regulates the Passenger services for your state is a public asset. The customer base that utilizes the regulated services is the Goodwill of that body.The Goodwill is a public asset and should be sold to pay for license buy backs or any changes. The Private sector should pay for privatization of a public asset NOT the public.

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