Government wants upper house support for taxi and Uber changes. photo: Attila Csazar

Taxi plate buy-back part of transport shake-up

Perth taxi and Uber users may see a 10 per cent fare hike for the next four years to fund taxi plate buy-backs as the state government revamps on-demand transport.


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Mount Pleasant
Hang about! How come the state government made all that money selling taxi plates over the years and now the consumer/public have to pay that back? Great business model, which proves yet again that the state government doesn't have the slightest clue how it works.

South Perth
So a state government mucked up by awarding a monopoly position to the (now) foreign-owned taxi industry, and expects the travelling public to bail them out with this penalty payment each time we travel. No wonder we think poorly of politicians.

As a taxi owner, I feel that the government was selling taxi plates at $300,000 and now wants to buy them back at up to $100,000. What a rip off, when the lease money, which was our income, dropped two-thirds. So we have all taken a pay cut and now they want to drop the price of our investment as well. They wouldn't like to drop their income and be told their superannuation has fallen by two-thirds of its value, so why is it ok to do that to others?

I am at a loss as to how this new legislation "will strengthen the duty of care for passenger safety". Uber point blank refuses to install security CCTV in their cars, which places passengers and drivers at high risk.

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