16/09/2010 - 00:00

TRAVEL TALK with David Flanagan Managing director, Atlas Iron

16/09/2010 - 00:00


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What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Rottnest. It’s just great for the whole family. The kids just have a ball and that means Sarah and I have a great time.

What has been your biggest travel disaster?

I went to China during winter in December 2009. We drove for about six hours in a van with several near death experiences and no heating while it was very cold (circa 10 degrees below). Then when we arrived they wouldn’t let foreigners check into hotels after midnight … and it got worse. The cold was unbelievable!

How often do you travel?

Every couple of weeks these days, but it varies with plenty of short trips east and day trips to site.

What’s always in your carry-on luggage?

Laptop computer. On international flights, a book and earplugs.

Where have you always wanted to travel/holiday but haven’t managed to yet?

Australia. I’ve always wanted to travel around the top end with the kids and come back through Alice Springs and Uluru.

What is your favourite interstate or overseas hotel?

Browne’s in London, good for food and a drink as well. The Westin Hotel in Melbourne is great. I go to a different restaurant every time on the advice of the concierge and they are always right.

Which Perth restaurant do you keep going back to and why?

Villa D’Este in West Perth – great food, service and in the hub of the best mining district in the world.

You wish Perth could be more like …?

Perth is starting to grow its café/bar culture and it will over time compete with Melbourne. That’s what I would like more of.

You hope Perth always retains …?

Plenty of open space; it’s a precious thing. I started as a geologist after all and the main attraction was the outdoors.

What was the last book you read?

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; I’m trying to understand where communist ideology comes from.



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