15/07/2003 - 22:00


15/07/2003 - 22:00


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The Western Australian Trade Enquiry Service is operated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI) with the support of the WA Government’s Department of Industry and Technology


Company acting as matchmaker between foreign investor and local investor/entrepreneurs to set up JV projects and provide turn key plant offer to finalise investment agreement (Bangladesh) – 12236; Company offering free services to Australian companies who want to buy merchandise from the best Romanian manufacturers (Romania) – 12228; Company willing to provide expert advice to Australian companies on doing business in Malta (Malta) –

12243; Company with seven years’ experience helping small and medium sized foreign companies promote their products and services in China (China) – 12253; Information on two tender documents: 1) Procurement of surgical items and 2) Pharmaceuticals and surgical consumable items (Sri Lanka) – 12249; List of technology opportunities (United Kingdom) – 12250; Looking for partners having developed, or interested in participating in the development of innovative technologies that will improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables when picked ripe (Switzerland) – 12241; Management graduate from a premier management institute in India is seeking full-time employment in Australia – CV provided (India) – 12248; Seeking agent/representative to establish a business cooperation for products/technologies to reduce cooling costs by 30 per cent – the 'fuel stabiliser' in the fuel category and the 'blue Q' in the refrigeration/air conditioning category (USA) - 12238; Seeking product samples and catalogues for the Australian Product Catalogue Trade Show to increase awareness of Australian products (Palestine) – 12256; Tender documents for the supply of 200,000 HDPE pads for 80 concrete sleepers (Sri Lanka) – 12245; Trading house wishing to establish contacts with Australian companies dealing in general merchandise

(Pakistan) – 12232.


Manganese ore, quartzite, charcoal, coal, hard coke and coke breeze (Bangladesh) – 12254; Radiate pile logs (China) – 12255.


100 per cent silk quilts and covers (Indonesia) – 12246; Alluvial gold dust (Ghana) – 12225; Aloe vera juice and gel/powder, neem oil and turmeric powder (India) – 12234; Arts and crafts (China) – 12251; Auto parts (Brazil) – 12226; Basmati rice, spices, fresh and dried fruits, mangoes, oranges and dried dates (Pakistan) – 12229; Button and flock motif trimmings (Hong Kong) – 12247; Castor oil (India) – 12223; Coldroom and cooling units (Turkey) – 12233; Flower pots (Turkey) – 12227; Fruit, vegetables and beverages (UAE) – 12231; Giant chess sets (Sri Lanka) – 12257; Glassware and lead crystal products (Czech Republic) – 12239; Ladies’ swimsuits (Spain) – 12240; Leather goods (India) – 12222; Motorcycles (Slovenia) – 12252; New and used cars, cameras and other Japanese products (Japan) – 12230; Processed foods – mango pulp and juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, guava pulp etc (India) – 12258; PVC handbags (Hong Kong) – 12244; Tea (Sri Lanka) – 12260; Underwear (Syria) – 12237; Walnuts (Ukraine) – 12259; Wood flooring (Korea) – 12235; Wooden doors, Alpaca wool knitwear, palm hearts, organic royal quinoa and live animals (camelides llamas & alpacas) (USA) – 12224.


For full details on any of the above trade opportunities please contact Cassie Wood quoting the relevant reference number shown. (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia on Tel: (08) 9365 7620, fax (08) 9365 7616 or email documentation@cciwa.com).

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