Blackburne’s Oracle is part of Perth’s record wave of apartment supply. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Supply issues likely for apartments

Apartment developers in Western Australia have been scrapping for business for the better part of two years.

The economic downturn and plunging population growth have had a massive impact on the state’s residential property sector, a segment of the economy not long ago considered to be overheated.

For apartment developers, that has meant achieving pre-construction pre-sales inside six months is considered a successful outcome, instead of the six weeks it took while WA’s surging economy was the envy of the nation.


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Total combined value of current WA projects

4th-Finbar Group640,400,000
5th-Pindan Capital525,280,000
7th-Sunlong Constructions439,000,000
8th-Leighton Properties434,800,000
68 property - (built-form) developers ranked by total combined value of current WA projects ($)


12th-David Evans Real Estate72
13th↓Davey Real Estate66
60 real estate - residential ranked by residential staff [this field is calculated by applying the % of business residential to the total staff in WA.]

Number of Employees

Property - (Built-form) Developers

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