23/06/2021 - 08:00

Studio skills offer career alternatives

23/06/2021 - 08:00


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Industry partnerships and a unique take on project-based learning underpin All Saints’ College’s forthcoming alternative school.

Studio skills offer career alternatives
Esther Hill says the model will provide value to businesses and students. Photo: All Saints’ College

Industry partnerships and a unique take on project-based learning underpin All Saints' College’s forthcoming alternative school.

The school, named The Studio School, will focus on alternative pathways for students in years 10, 11 and 12, offering agile learning environments, student-curated curricula, opportunities to learn from industry figures, and an emphasis on non-traditional testing.

All Saints’ College principal Belinda Provis said the school would help students develop practical skills that many employers felt graduates lacked when entering the workforce.

“Many schools will say they do project-based learning … however, this is a significant system shift that sees that whole notion of project-based learning integrated into the students’ education,” Ms Provis said.

“Instead of subscribing to a series of courses, students pursue projects, and the courses are curated to underpin the work they’re doing so they’re ticking off the various requirements they have to do.

“It’s flipping it, so the students’ passions or interests are at the centre of their studies.”

Esther Hill, who serves as All Saints’ dean of student learning, told Business News the school had begun speaking with prospective industry partners this past month to gauge their interest in participating when the school opened in 2022.

She said the model would provide value to businesses and students, with students quizzed about their interests and ambitions upon admission.

“From that conversation, we’d be looking to curate not only their programs, but the partnerships that might support that,” Ms Hill said.

“One example is for a student who has a significant interest in fashion … we’d be looking for a fashion house or business, or manufacturer, [depending on what] the student’s interested in, the design aspect, the business side or the customer side of it.

“We’d be looking to curate a series of projects where that student can go into those partnerships and add value to those businesses.

“While it’s like work experience … it’s very much about how the student can also add value to the partner’s experience.

“What can they bring to the table?”


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