Strategic IT: An Engaging User Experience and The Hybrid Workspace

24/06/2021 - 16:41


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Strategic IT: An Engaging User Experience and The Hybrid Workspace

Today’s leaders face a daunting challenge to define and build a hybrid workspace model that enables collaboration while engaging and empowering people with the right tools.

These leaders come from a variety of perspectives — such as human resources (HR), finance, IT, and operations — but they aim to solve a common goal: equipping people with more flexible work options that keep them connected, collaborative, safe, and productive. This shared goal also comes with pressure to do more with less.

We all know that recent events have sent organisations around the world down the path to digitalisation, whether they were ready for it or not. Many have struggled to quickly piece together hardware and software solutions to create some semblance of continuity but now, organisation leaders are coming together to consider more long-term solutions to engage people and enhance the end user experience.

As a result, a hybrid workspace model is emerging - one in which some people continue to work remotely, some return to work or school permanently, and some experience a mix of the two. As they have for the past year, users in hybrid workspace environments will continue to depend on their devices to help them connect and stay engaged.

A successfully designed hybrid workspace environment can help leaders:

  • Enable teams to successfully connect and collaborate from wherever they work.
  • Provide hardware choices and software solutions designed to work together so people can focus on better outcomes.
  • Maintain control to manage remotely, and keep data, information, and users safe.
  • Unlock value through increased productivity, time savings for IT, and lower security costs.

Having the right devices, in the right hands, is the foundation for building a successful hybrid workspace. The goal is to build a hybrid model that enables collaboration and empowers people with the right tools, all while keeping organisation data secure. The right device technology can not only help to maintain operations and enhance productivity, it can provide an engaging workspace that will inspire growth, innovation, and success.

A recent Gallup analysis of over 2.7 million people in 276 organizations across 54 industries showed that organisation’s that have successfully engaged their people are 18% more productive, 23% more profitable, and will have 81% lower absenteeism. Having the right technology can help to engage people, and as leaders in business, education, and government around the globe realise this, they are starting to take a different approach to selecting and buying technology.

What was previously a short and cost focused process has slowly transformed into a more complex, strategic process, with a focus on security, sustainability, productivity, collaboration, and a superior end user experience.

Instead of buying based only on price, stock availability or standard specifications (though these are still important considerations), organisations are now opting for a range of carefully selected devices suited to their different user types and using Modern Management tools to simplify deployment and ongoing maintenance. At the centre of a successful IT strategy is now an optimised and engaging user experience, provided through an effective hybrid workspace model with optimised management.

The computers that users depend on must enable them to get their essential tasks done anywhere and the ability to deploy and manage them remotely and with ease is vital. The right performance matters for every role, whether the user spends most of their day working in email and web apps, multitasking between Microsoft PowerPoint, Teams, and Power BI, or running graphics-intensive applications that require powerful processors and a terabyte of storage.

With so much to consider when choosing technology, along with endless options of desktops, laptops, VDI, headsets, and so on, it can be difficult to make sure that you are utilising the most suitable IT solutions available.

Stott Hoare’s IT Experience Centre, located in the heart of the Herdsman Business Precinct, is the perfect place to get hands on with the latest technology empowering workers and students around the globe. Access expert advice about the technology and see the latest modern workspace solutions that are available to secure and manage your organisation.

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