21/04/2015 - 10:07

State govt starts legal action against Uber

21/04/2015 - 10:07


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Legal action is being taken against ride-share company Uber for not having the appropriate licence to operate in Western Australia.

Legal action is being initiated against ride-share service Uber for lacking the appropriate  Western Australian operating licence.

WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the state government had commenced its first prosecution in relation to UberX and ride-sharing.

"And there are many more to come in coming weeks," Mr Nalder told ABC radio.

The Transport Workers' Union said hundreds of taxi drivers angered by the impact of Uber as well as unrelated increases in passenger violence would refuse to pick up customers from 2pm in protest.

Instead, they will travel in a long convoy from the airport to a protest outside parliament.

But Mr Nalder has warned the drivers their actions may help Uber's profile.

"I would urge them to be cautious in doing political stunts like this because overseas ... it has raised the profile of Uber and actually harmed the industry," he said.

Transport Workers Union WA organiser Steve Perkusich said the rally was to raise awareness about Uber's damaging impact on the taxi industry, not about disrupting the public.

The WA Taxi Council also believes the protest won't disrupt services, a spokeswoman said.

Mr Perkusich said the state government was allowing Uber to operate illegally while taxi drivers were losing wages trying to compete with the service.

Uber Perth said it was time for WA political leaders to implement sensible ride-sharing regulation.


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