21/05/2020 - 15:43

St John offers COVID-19 Safe first aid training

21/05/2020 - 15:43


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St John offers COVID-19 Safe first aid training

COVID-19 has prompted the reimagining of almost every aspect of our lives from how we shop, work, play, relate and communicate, to how we learn.

Social gatherings restricted to small groups in big open spaces put an end – at least for 2020 – to mass passenger transport, big crowds at sporting and musical events and even large scale conferences, workshops and specialist classes.

And for a short while it put on-hold St John’s nationally-accredited in-class first aid training.

COVID-19 has also highlighted the importance of healthy and resilient communities, skilled and equipped to support each other during an emergency.

Recognising the critical role of St John in this community-led pre-hospital health care, an innovative solution was found to meet Government health guidelines while providing essential in-class First Aid Skills training to the public, industry and business sectors.

Supporting the face to face training is a web-based course that will put first aid in the hands of all people wanting to learn one skill at a time, any time, and from any location. Visit

Executive Director Health Services Phil Holman said St John’s nationally accredited one and two-day qualifications provide a quality learning experience that will equip participants with the skills to initiate first aid in any emergency scenario where someone is injured or in distress.

In addition to self-paced e-learning the qualification requires face-to-face scenario-based learning, traditionally conducted in larger groups with participants working in pairs to test their skills.

“We have made  some minor modifications to the course and classroom structure to continue to provide this valuable service for both the Western Australian public and our corporate clients and ensure we are building resilient communities with the skills to provide life-saving first aid in an emergency,” Mr Holman said.

“Class sizes are reduced to allow four square metres per person, with life-sized mannequins removing the need for a human partner. Each participant also has their own set of equipment hygienically cleaned before and after use to ensure the health and wellbeing of our trainers and participants.”

The modified course will retain its accreditation and is already available in 10 centres across Perth with regional training commencing soon.

Additional training times including weekend classes are also being introduced to meet demand.

The web-based First Aid Skills had been in development for some time and has been fast-tracked to meet demand from both corporates and families for basic first aid, while working from home.

“The online course allows self-paced e-learning for individuals that can be done in one sitting, or one module at a time,” Mr Holman said.

“Completing a single unit will give you the CPR skills to save a life; completing the full course will ensure workers are equipped to respond in any emergency.”


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