09/06/2020 - 09:41

St John first aid inducted into corporate onboarding

09/06/2020 - 09:41


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St John first aid inducted into corporate onboarding

Gaming technology has been used by St John to create an interactive and immersive, online training course that puts vital first aid skills in the hands of all Western Australians.

St John Skills is an Australian first and was developed in response to demand from the corporate sector for basic first aid training that could be undertaken in the workplace, as part of staff onboarding.

The new online training complements the St John WA one and two-day nationally-accredited face-to-face options, required to meet Government workplace guidelines.

Health Services Executive Director Phil Holman said St John was committed to building strong, healthy and resilient communities where people are skilled and equipped to support each other in an emergency.

“St John Skills was in development before COVID-19, but the last few months has certainly highlighted the importance of having essential first aid as a core skill for all workers and family members,” Mr Holman said.

“In 10 minutes you can learn CPR skills to save a life. Complete all 30 of the online St John Skills and you will be equipped to initiate first aid for any injury.

“What’s really unique about this program is that it’s available to anyone with a computer or tablet and an internet connection and it can be completed at any time of the day, in a single session or one skill at a time over many weeks.

“It’s interesting, easy to follow and totally interactive. Participants are taken through a range of real-life scenarios and shown how to administer first aid. With the help of a digital assistant, Mia, they are required to demonstrate each step of each skill, using the mouse and keyboard, with a rating given on how well each skill is completed.”

St John Skills provides training in skills including injuries and emergency scenarios such as asthma, choking, burns and dehydration, plus CPR.  Completing all 30 skills equates to a full-day first aid course.

The interactive content is developed by paramedics and is St John accredited. The certificate is provided to all participants who complete the course.

Individual St John Skills are available from$2.99, and $5 for CPR, in addition to courses for young parents and new drivers, as well as the full first aid training package. Funds raised through the uptake of St John Skills are reinvested into the community and essential St John WA first aid school programs.

To undertake the St John Skills training or learn more about face-to-face training, please visit: www.stjohnwa.com.au/skills


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