South Perth vision taking shape

Cranes are to become a feature of the South Perth skyline as a wave of new apartment proposals move towards construction.


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South Perth
The author if this article needs to speak to the Mayor of South Perth. At a meeting of residents on Saturday protesting about the proposed height and design of certainly 73 Mill Pt, the Mayor admitted that the council 'got it wrong'. The residents are very much against these developments. The state government couldn't care less about quality of life and heritage so long as they squash as many people together as possible. So please don't present the over development of South Perth as being a wonderful thing. The only people who are happy are the developers. They will make their money and run - leaving the residents to deal with the traffic and parking problems, loss of heritage and unsightliness. This is a disgrace and the City of South Perth should hang its head in shame.

I could agree more Michele, you have hit the nail on the head. Shame shame shame City of South Perth you have really ballsed this one up!!

Michele Lancaster You cant expect to live 5 minutes from a capital city centre and whinge about development. Its called progress, and most people are happy to see these projects going forward. The more the better. These changes will encourgage more vibrancy and life into an otherwise under utilised area of Perth. The "not in my backyard: mentality of South Perth residents has passed. If you are against progress then I suggest you move to the hills or better still Adelaide!!!....

South Perth
Really Doug! Do some research before you put out that pathetic argument if you don't like it leave!! We love South Perth and some of these new buildings will be great, but certainly not the one at 73 Mill Point Rd. This end of the Peninsula should never have been part of the SCA1 - it doesn't need revitalising, it's already hi-density. I'd like to know where the Traffic Management plan is. Just imagine trying to get into South Perth off the Freeway from the south while they try to build a 29 storey building at #74 One assumes a crane is needed to build 29 storeys where does that go - this building has 0 setback on a tiny block!! change should improve, not make things worse.

The redevelopment and infill of this part of South Perth is wonderful. I fully support these projects and the energy and street vibe these people will add to the streets day and night. The economic benefits for all the retail traders in the local area will be wonderful. Im so over these nay sayers bagging projects the will benefit many in our community. Maybe self interests and inner suburban mindset are in play here !

Traffic, smaffic. Why are you driving if you live in South Perth? I support these developments. They are great outcome for our South Perth community and will only improve a great place to live. This anti-development campaign is just led by the few NIMBYs who will lose their view.

Down the track I wonder how the new residents in the high rise will react to the noise from the Windsor Hotel? It is interesting to note that existing high rise dwellers around the pub voice their concerns reasonably regularly. Will the hotel then have to moderate its business again, even though it was there first?

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