SET FOR CHANGE: The South Perth peninsula could look very different in a few years’ time, if developers get their way. Photo: Attila Csaszar

South Perth high-rise stoush builds

The ongoing battle over high-density development in South Perth has stepped up a notch in recent weeks.


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South Perth
It is one thing entirely to move with the times, and I am not against development in the right places, for the right reasons. I do however object strongly to the flurry of high rise buildings being built in South Perth - this is not development, it is simply council greed., to say nothing of the fact that the deposed South Perth Council member is now working for FinBar, the developers who are doing all the development! No input from local residents was sought, no planning has been done for the increase in traffic. As it is two lanes from Labouchere and two lanes from Mill Point Road merge into one lane on the Freeway North, one on to the freeway South, causing huge traffic bottlenecks in the morning. With 5 new high rises, including a shopping mall, why has no provision been made for improved infrastructure prior to commencement of building? And it wouldn't hurt the council to start looking after the existing roads and parks that rate payers are contributing towards.

Hopetoun st South Perth
The City of South Perth needs to re-canvass public opinion amongst ratepayers. There are many who support development. The NIMBY lobby group represent privilege and want to enshrine their protected living. Forget the rest of the City's ratepayers & visitors.

Clive Deverall
'No input from residents'?! Meetings on this attended by ratepayers goes back one can say 'We weren't told'. Three reports in community newspaper; 4 in The West Property section....?!

south perth
Hey Clive, show us the documents, any document which mentions high-rise or shows any building over the limits of 25,41 meters etc. ANY? Your group keeps claiming that they consulted/communicated, but they didn't tell anybody but the developers what could happen here. Show us the documents and shut us up, if you can.

South Perth
The issue of height cannot be divorced from the purpose of the development. The Court has made it very clear that if developers want to build a predominantly residential development in the South Perth Peninsula, it cannot be more than 25 metres. If they want to build at more than the prescribed height, they must build a predominantly non-residential development, which is fundamentally different from both the 29 storey and the 44 storey proposals for 74 Mill Point Rd. Development will still happen South Perth and no-one is losing their jobs. Developers just have to comply with the law like everyone else! Developers cannot put profit above the law and they certainly cannot put profit above democracy.

South Perth
It's also pretty sad that this group of people with very vested interests are starting to believe their own propoganda. 4000 likes on a Facebook page costs about $28 - it's not hard to work out who is real and who has received their pieces of silver!

South Perth
Mr Hawkins has confused the studies and research that were extensive and done for the Station Precint Plan with the poorly worded and ambiguous Amendment 25 that was slapped in over the top with minimal feedback and support. James Best was the Mayor who pushed that through and is now heading up the group of developers trying no maintain a state a chaos! But we know where his interests are vested nowadays.

South Perth
There is a great, great silent majority who are in favour of development and renewal but NOT 50 story high development. This is a farce that will destroy the feel and look of the peninsula. This significant, silent majority need to waken from their slumber and start taking action to stop these ridiculous buildings being built.

South perth shopping centre mends st south perth
South perth does not need more apartments standing vacant, what we need is hotels that are handy for the city To prepare for the tourist industry, which in general requires less parking and will make public transport more activ and get people moveing around our beautiful city

South perth shopping centre
Hotels needed in south perth not vacant apartments to make south perth more vibrant and increase traffic on public transport.

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