29/10/2021 - 09:00

Solving the decarbonisation dilemma for WA businesses

29/10/2021 - 09:00


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Solving the decarbonisation dilemma for WA businesses

Australian businesses are under increasing pressure to show they are on a path to net zero. And rightly so.

Climate change is here. We see it in once-in-a-century weather events occurring more frequently. More unpredictable weather patterns, changing landscapes, irreversible environmental damage are all, according to the experts, symptoms of a changing climate.

As we pivot and put our emissions under the spotlight – it can be overwhelming for businesses to understand where to start.

Where businesses cannot eliminate their carbon emissions through operations entirely and immediately, offsetting through carbon farming and sequestration may be a viable option to reach net-zero.

With more and more companies shifting to improve green credentials, there's eventually going to be a drain on supply - of expert advice, of material and products required for greening programs, of project management capacity – all impacting the ability to achieve positive outcomes.

There are also many service providers to choose from, depending on what companies are looking for.

Businesses need assurance their chosen provider can plan, supply, implement, monitor and maintain greening projects, ultimately delivering real results and net carbon offsets.

It’s not just about regulation – customers want to see big businesses and brands taking carbon reduction seriously and working with trusted providers to deliver results.

Nativ Carbon does not provide consultancy on carbon projects. We focus on project management, supply and install, monitoring and maintenance.

We are the go-to company to get the job done. We have the skills and resources to make this happen.

With access to WA’s largest native plants volumes and species, Nativ Carbon is able to deliver high quality, biodiverse environments that offset and reduce carbon.

In doing so, we regenerate land with suitable, native plant species that improve flora diversity and eventually provide habitats for native fauna.

By choosing to nurture endemic species on land designated for carbon farming, leaseholders and landowners can return biodiversity to the region and create resilient landscapes.

This is imperative to the future of life in Australia.

Working with the land and climate systems to reduce the severity of fire and other climate events should be top of mind for all custodians of the land in this incredible country.

We see three major positive outcomes from creating resilient landscapes through native vegetation:

  • Beyond the reduction in atmospheric CO2, deep-rooted native plant vegetation at scale has the potential to mediate rising water tables and the effects of soil salinity.
  • It assists rebalancing the wider ecosystems of Australia to protect endangered and vulnerable species.
  • Incorporating native species into land management is an ethical and sustainable approach to tackling historic environmental degradation and bolstering soil stability.

So how do we work?

We leverage our extensive expertise in biodiverse native vegetation, project management and access to millions of seedlings to deliver practical offset planting, at scale.

We work in stages. First comes the planning – including assessment of soil type and developing an environmental profile, right through to project cost estimates and approvals processes.

Then we supply the product, implement the project, provide regular monitoring and reporting back to the client, and ongoing maintenance of the project, including pest and weed control.

We believe that if industry is going to make true positive impact to the environment, then we need rich bio-diverse landscapes that thrive and survive with long-term sustainable benefits.

Nativ Carbon recently entered into an agreement with Woodside to collect seed and grow one million seedlings as part of a Wheatbelt-based revegetation project. Planting is set to begin in 2022.

Our clients are not just big resources companies – we work with all types of big business looking to offset emissions.

Landholders and owners can also realise economic benefits from transitioning away from a purely agricultural or resource extraction business model and diversifying their land use.

In times of economic uncertainty and income loss due to the effects of climate change, carbon farming may represent the kind of hedge needed for a long-term sustainable enterprise.

That is exactly the opportunity Nativ Carbon provides - a specialised skillset, strong understanding of WA landscapes and localised approach all within close reach of West Australian businesses.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about our services, visit our website www.nativcarbon.com.au.


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