01/04/2020 - 15:39

Solutions to help your business get through the crisis

01/04/2020 - 15:39


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Australian businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus crisis continues. As long-time experts in cloud-based remote work solutions, Envision Digital are uniquely positioned to help Australian businesses as they transition to remote work.

Australian businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus crisis continues.

Our hearts go out to the owners and staff of businesses who have had to shutdown completely. For most office-based businesses, work goes on, but there will be a huge adjustment  to make as employees shift to working remotely from home.

As long-time specialists in cloud-based remote work solutions, Envision Digital are uniquely positioned to help Australian businesses as they transition to remote work.

We want to help businesses during this difficult time and show them how they can not only survive but thrive by working in the cloud.

How cloud technology can help businesses

Cloud-based solutions are available for nearly every area of traditionally office-based work, including document processing and storage, marketing, communication, accounting, human resources and more.

Here are a few of the ways cloud technology can help.

Access systems and data from anywhere

With cloud technology, your systems can be accessed and managed remotely. Rather than storing documents, data and software in a physical server only accessible from your office, cloud solutions let your programs and files be accessed from any location.

Staff who are working from home have the exact same access to information and software they would in the office.


Cloud-based systems let team members easily and securely view and share information, making collaboration easy even when working from different locations.

Teams can work on shared documents and see updates from colleagues in real time, while dedicated collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams enhance communication with online chat, video meeting and file storage capabilities.


Some business owners may have security concerns over moving file storage to the cloud, but cloud-based storage is actually more secure than local file storage.

Cloud-storage solutions provide highly sophisticated data encryption and security monitoring and make it easier for businesses to meet security compliance requirements


With cloud-storage, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease storage capacity as needed, rather than being locked into the storage capacity of a physical server. There’s no need to look ahead and try to guess your future storage requirements, you can update as you go.

Cost savings

There are costs associated with setting your business up to operate in the cloud, but in the long run your costs will most likely be lower. Only paying for the storage you need will help you save money and most cloud services are pay-as-you-go, meaning you only need to pay for services when you need them.

Cloud technology will also boost the productivity of employees working from home, resulting in higher returns.

Working remotely using Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is our preferred cloud technology solution for facilitating and enhancing remote work and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 is a fully cloud-based service featuring email, file storage, sharing, communication and collaboration tools, as well as online versions of traditional Microsoft Suite programs such as Office and Excel.

When properly implemented, Microsoft 365 can be integrated with your existing systems and workflows to make working from home as easy and productive as possible.

Taking advantage of time away from the office

There’s a silver lining in every cloud (so to speak) and being forced to work from home will provide you a break from the usual hectic schedule of work life, giving you more time to focus on improving your business.

Spend uninterrupted time focusing on strategy and planning, improving business processes, creating efficiencies and thinking about the future direction of your business.

Think about how cloud technology can help your business be more efficient not just now, but after things have returned to normal.

Make the most of this time away from the office and your business could be better positioned than it was before the crisis began.

EnvisionFlow – cloud-based integrated business management system

EnvisionFlow, our cloud-based integrated business management system (IMS) maps out how businesses can fully integrate their systems with cloud technology.

As well as Microsoft 365, we can help businesses implement and seamlessly integrate a wide variety of cloud-based platforms.

Cost-effective Microsoft Suite implementation with flexible payment terms

Envision Digital is offering Australian businesses cost-effective implementations of Microsoft 365, with flexible payment terms to help assist with cash flow during this difficult time. We are Microsoft Partners and provide expert implementation with a focus on increasing remote work productivity.

If you need help setting up your business for remote work and could benefit from flexible payment terms, please contact me on 0458 488 394 or at rod@envisiondigital.com.au.

Best wishes,
Stay home and stay safe

Rod Wakefield

Managing Director
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