16/10/2020 - 14:01

Sleeping Giant Refuses To Hit Snooze on Aussie Expansion

16/10/2020 - 14:01


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Online purchases have skyrocketed in 2020 with electronic and department stores top of the list, but there’s another sector creeping up the ranks that’s a little closer to home.

Lockdown has changed the daily routine for many Australians. From morning rituals to the weekly shop, 2020 has turned the dial up on digital shopfronts creating an ecommerce boom that has woken some sleeping giants.

From kitting out the home office to starting a renovation project, the rise in online shopping has created a new wave of ecommerce heavyweights, some closer to home than others.

New addition to the Aussie mattress market Emma is giving local competitors a run for their money, reaching $23 million in gross merchandise value within four months of launch.

“Historically, Australians have grossly overpaid for mattresses and this year has served as a wake up call for many brands not delivering on quality as well as value,” said Emma Sleep Australia Co-Founder Benjamin Quiroga-Rivera.

“In the current climate, consumers are searching for a product that can deliver across multiple areas and aren’t willing to sacrifice quality for price. There’s been little competition in the stagnant sleep industry with less than 10 players in the Australian market, all of which we consider to be a little too comfortable,” he said.

Emma products are designed and manufactured in Germany, which is renowned for its premium manufacturing industry. This process is supported by the company’s research and development team of doctors and sleep experts. 

“Emma’s quality has been proven globally, with 30 international awards under our belt as well as a recent CHOICE Recommended first place award-win here in Australia.”

Emma has risen up the ranks to become number four in the Australian bed-in-a-box market with no signs of slowing down, and has proven it can compete against well-established brands such as Koala and Sleeping Duck.

Compared to local competitors, traffic growth to Emma was three times that of Ecosa, with Sleeping Duck and Koala experiencing little to negative growth in traffic according to data from analytics platform SEMrush.

“The significant positive growth that Emma Sleep demonstrates in the current climate, consumers are searching for a product that can deliver across multiple areas and aren’t willing to sacrifice quality for price,” said Mr Quiroga-Rivera.

“There’s some savvy sleepers out there that have started to consider the price they pay for a good night’s sleep. While we’re not trying to start a price war in the bedroom, we have no issue delivering a top quality product at half the price of our competitors,” he said.

Since it’s launch in Australia in early 2020, Emma has continued to cement its position following an exponential growth quarter and is on track to surpass the current market leader’s growth two-fold.

“We are applying our strategy that has been successful in 21 countries to the Asia-Pacific region and we expect Emma to be market leader in Australia within two years,” said Mr Quiroga-Rivera. 

Homes are getting smarter with new technology integrations in almost every new development, however, Emma is demonstrating why technology isn’t always bad in the bedroom.

“Sleep science is something Australians should be considering in their bedroom infrastructure. Emma mattresses integrate the latest sleep technology designed by our team of inhouse sleep doctors,” he said.

“Our early success coupled with our global growth rates and earnings shows that Emma is here to stay and urge Australian consumers not to be duped by products that don’t live up to expectations.”

Emma is on track to hit a size of $52 million in Australia by the end of 2021, and won’t be hitting snooze anytime soon.

Emma mattresses feature zero partner disturbance, breathable and moisture-wicking materials and temperature stability that is ideal for all body types. Fore more information please visit emma-sleep.com.au.


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