23/08/2021 - 16:30

Site Sentry set up for a secure future with three key pillars

23/08/2021 - 16:30


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Site Sentry are revolutionising the way security services operate, from the inside out.

Beginning with three foundational pillars, rapid deployment security surveillance company Site Sentry strive to stay ahead of the market by building a proactive team and continuously improving its product offering.

Awarded Micro Business of the Year at Business News’s inaugural RISE Business Awards, growth for Site Sentry has been strong during the past four years, with revenue expanding 20-fold and full-time staff up by five times.

To date, the security solutions provider has deployed 2000 unique projects, built its hire fleet of surveillance units to 400, and shipped over 100 custom systems to the eastern states. In the last 6 months it has won over $3 million in new contracts.

Site Sentry director Jason Nuttman said the business was built on three pillars that supported its unique value proposition, ultimately driving its success.

“Site Sentry is more than just another security company. We provide a wholistic approach to security that’s supported by a strong team recruited based on their ability to problem-solve, continuous improvement when it comes to our technology, and customised solutions specific to the areas of deployment,” he said.

  1. 1.      Talent identification and recruitment

Finding people who are culturally aligned with Site Sentry’s approach to security and its values is the first step to growing the right team as the business expands.

“As we grow, we need good people,” Mr Nuttman said.

“Traditionally in the security industry, when it comes to recruitment, people look for candidates with specific skillsets.

“We can teach people the security skillset; but what we really want is people with good values who have a mindset for solving problems.

Mr Nuttman said Site Sentry is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Beach to the role of General Manager.

“Anthony has spent the last 10 years with Australia’s largest hire company, Coates Hire, as the Regional Operations Manager,” he said.

“We’re really excited about what this means for Site Sentry. Anthony is exceptionally equipped for the role, and we’re confident his values and mindset are exactly what we need to continue building the Site Sentry business and team.”

  1. 2.      Continuous improvement and product development

Being at the forefront of technological advancements is paramount to delivering the best results possible in the rapid deployment of security surveillance products and ongoing services.

As with most industries, keeping pace when it comes to technological progress is vital to futureproofing against disruption so, Site Sentry aim to stay ahead of the game with continuous improvements.

“Like everything there are always new products coming online in the surveillance industry; software analytics, camera technology and security hardware,” Mr Nuttman said.

“We’re aware of these changes because we work with internationally recognised security consultants, industry leading manufacturers and constantly review the latest journals from the technology sectors we work in, we analyse them and if they’re worthy of being incorporated into our systems, then we ensure we upgrade.”

Site Sentry are currently upgrading its fleet of surveillance units by installing the most advanced camera technology for clearer footage and more advanced detection analytics, despite already meeting Australian CCTV standards, new Australian made solar panels and more powerful audio systems.

“It’s important to us we keep ahead of the curve to ensure Site Sentry remains the premium offering,” Mr Nuttman said.

  1. 3.      Customised solutions – regional expansion

Site Sentry’s value proposition goes above and beyond that of simply supplying the equipment. Each solution is customised to the unique site requirements, based on the needs of the customer, which are heavily dependent on their location.

Having developed five unique products based on the evolving needs of each client base, Site Sentry now looks to bring its next model to market as it expands into regional areas of Western Australia.

“We’ve proved how successful Site Sentry devices work in metropolitan areas and recognise so much potential to assist regional clients,” Mr Nuttman said.

“We’ve identified opportunities in the Northwest, South West, Great Southern, and central WA,” he said.

Site Sentry’s latest mine specification solar tower is specifically built for cyclonic wind regions and to withstand the harsh conditions of the Northwest climate.

The camera hardware used for this system allows the monitoring and maintenance team to remotely configure the devices. It’s also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, with a durable build.

“This new model provides management and stakeholders with the ability to monitor activity on site and at camp bases thousands of kilometres away, so they can improve policy compliance, monitor safety standards and monitor areas of site outside of the reach of traditional CCTV,” Mr Nuttman said.

“We’re excited about offering a solution to help solve some issues in regional areas of the state, as well as the growth we see on the horizon for Site Sentry in the next 12 months.”

Visit www.sitesentry.com.au to explore Site Sentry’s complete range of security surveillance solutions.


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