04/03/2014 - 15:56

Share options deliver for Dalgleish

04/03/2014 - 15:56


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Share options deliver for Dalgleish
RCR Tomlinson managing director Paul Dalgleish

RCR Tomlinson’s strong share price has delivered a further windfall for managing director Paul Dalgleish, who has exercised another batch of options at just 39 cents per share.

Mr Dalgleish exercised 334,000 vested options last week, at a cost of $130,260.

He simultaneously sold 41,352 shares on-market at $3.15 per share, so that the net cost of the exercise was zero.

The company said the 292,648 shares he acquitted at zero cost (in net terms) were worth $921,841, based on the prevailing share price.

In tandem with these transactions, Mr Dalgleish sold 83,657 shares at a price of $3.22 per share to fully discharge a margin loan over shares registered in the name of UBS Wealth Management Nominees.

Mr Dalgleish undertook similar exercised last September and October, when he acquired shares worth about $10 million at zero cost.

After the latest transactions, Mr Dalgleish holds 5.5 million RCR Tomlinson shares valued at $17.3 million.

He also holds 1.8 million performance rights and 1.4 million share options, subject to predefined performance hurdles.

Mr Dalgleish was granted a total of 8 million options when he joined RCR, with the exercise price of 39 cents based on the prevailing share price when he commenced in May 2009.


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