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Scarborough redevelopment under SEAS

27/05/2010 - 00:00


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THE City of Stirling says all the boxes have been ticked for the revitalisation of Scarborough and it is now up to the private sector to deliver new amenity to the seaside suburb.

Scarborough redevelopment under SEAS

THE City of Stirling says all the boxes have been ticked for the revitalisation of Scarborough and it is now up to the private sector to deliver new amenity to the seaside suburb.

The beachside area of Scarborough is currently undergoing significant redevelopment through the Scarborough Environs Area Strategy (SEAS), which has been designed to enhance the area’s tourism amenity through a mix of commercial, residential and retail developments.

The SEAS comprises two amendments to the metropolitan region planning scheme that allow for the development of mixed-use commercial and residential properties in certain areas of the suburb.

City of Stirling policy and strategic development manager Ian Bignell told WA Business News a much more liberal and intensive form of development is being sought for Scarborough, with the two scheme amendments allowing for up to eight storeys in certain parts of the suburb.

“There are actually three sites where up to 12 storeys is possible as well,” Mr Bignell said.

“They are real landmark sites; two of them on opposite corners of Scarborough Beach Road and West Coast Highway, and the third site is known as the White Sands site.

“All of those allow for eight storeys, but up to 12 storeys can be built if there is a public benefit component of the development.

“For the two on Scarborough Beach Road, the public benefit is public car parking as a component of the developments, and for the White Sands site it is a pedestrian connection between West Coast Highway and Hastings Street.”

City of Stirling approvals manager Andre Gillot said there was considerable from interest from developers in Scarborough, particularly after numerous development proposals had been delayed by the global financial crisis.

City of Stirling development statistics indicate there has been an increase of activity in the area as the state’s economy emerges from the slowdown.

In March 2010 the City of Stirling issued 62 building licences for the Coastal Ward, which includes Scarborough, valued at $12.8 million, compared to 41 licences valued at $7 million in March 2009.

In March 2008 the city issued 38 building licences valued at $9.9 million.

Mr Gillot said the city was also currently processing a $16 million development application for an eight-storey residential development on the corner of Filburn Street and Scarborough Beach Road.

“We’ve put the settings in place to deliver all of those objectives that we’ve outlined in terms of a family friendly, active, vibrant community at Scarborough,” he said.

“Effectively we’ve got all of the statutory requirements in place, we’re open for business and it’s now up to the private sector to take advantage of those statutory settings that are there.”

The White Sands Hotel development site was recently purchased by a Singaporean development company, which is proposing to construct three 12-storey apartment blocks on the site.

Singapore’s Chip Eng Seng Corporation announced earlier this month it acquired the 1.02-hectare site for $20 million in a joint venture with John Crane’s Melbourne-based development group, CraneCorp.

Although the City of Stirling has not yet received a development application, the joint venture proposes to build 150 residential apartments, 80 serviced apartments, nine townhouses, commercial offices, retail shops and parking facilities.

Another development tipped to create momentum for further private sector investment is Cape Bouvard’s CeVue apartment complex.

Part of the CeVue development is 38 one- and two-bedroom serviced studio apartments, which are run under the umbrella of national accommodation group Quest Serviced Apartments.

“Quest Scarborough will help to support increasing trade and tourism to the area by providing quality accommodation and services to visitors,” Quest chairman Paul Constantinou said.

“The Scarborough Environs Area Strategy initiative also provided a great opportunity for Quest to be a positive feature of the developing urban beachfront community.”

No revitalisation of the area would be complete without revamping the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel.

The Singaporean owners of the hotel, the Straits Trading Company, put forward a proposal to redevelop the site into luxury apartments and a boutique hotel, but this was blocked last year by the City of Stirling.

Mr Bignell said under the SEAS, the existing 17-storey tower must be retained for tourism use.

“[Straits Trading Company] are looking at putting forward a new development application which would be consistent with the direction of the amendments and they seem to be quite supportive,” Mr Bignell said.

“They are re-examining a scheme which will involve the refurbishment of the hotel and development of up to eight storeys on some of the peripheral area, which will predominantly be residential, with commercial at ground levels.”



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