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Saving money with recruitment


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Saving money with recruitment

The past 12 months has seen fulltime jobs decline by approximately 53,000, the first annual decline in almost two-and-a-half years. This is reflective of the high level of redundancies that have been made in Perth lately, as the business landscape is restructured to meet the new, post-mining boom environment. This means the number of job applicants is quite high while the number of staff dealing internally with hiring is light on the ground. Here are three ways Wood Recruitment can reduce the costs, time and headaches involved with hiring.

 1.     Managed services

For those who want it all, a managed services approach is the way to go. It allows your recruiter to exclusively manage your human resources requirements such as position advertising and screening of candidates, for a set monthly fee. This helps you set budgets and takes some of those extra jobs off your plate.

Recruiters can also bring in fresh perspectives due to their extensive networks, which are generally much more diverse than those of individual businesses. By dealing with just the one recruiter you can save both time and money – they’ll often offer a discount when all the services are rolled into one contract.

 2.     Short form assistance

If you can manage most of your own human resources work, but just need a helping hand with a few bits and pieces, short form assistance can be a godsend. This lets you tailor the services your recruiter caries out for you, such as creating and placing advertisements, screening and choosing candidates and is charged at an hourly rate. Mix and match by doing reference checks or placing ads under your business name and use your recruiter to screen applications and notify candidates of their application outcomes.

For example, Wood Recruitment can draft and place an employment advertisement on about 50 job boards, contact existing candidates from our extensive database, spread the word on social media and then send any appropriate resumes and applications to the employer. And, because we already have the job board subscriptions, applicant tracking software and experienced resources to do all of this, we can offer this service far cheaper than many employers could do in-house.

 3.     Temp to permanent

This offers the perfect chance to ‘try before you buy’ or quickly build an effective team and has become a popular method with employees, especially when piloting a new project. We can find you the right temps for the roles and if you’re happy with their work, we can help you keep them on as a permanent staff member.

A word of advice

Often, employers don’t know what the total recruitment fee will be until the salary offer is made and accepted. There are also instances where less reputable recruiters talk up the salary to boost their commission. Some recruiters may be willing to negotiate an agreed salary up front – almost like an insuring your car on an agreed or market value basis. This kind of certainty can save you thousands.

Going it alone and doing your own recruitment as a business is full of pitfalls. Contact Wood Recruitment on (08) 9221 8122 to discuss any of these options or to get help placing ads, interviewing for new staff and finding the best person for the job.


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