Satterley joins builders in cheap deals

The Satterley Property Group and 17 of the state's leading builders are set to combine resources in a partnering arrangement to deliver more affordable housing.


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West Leederville
Thats good Nigel, lure people into housing at the bottom end who cannot really afford it, watch interest rates rise 75 basis points over the next 10 months and bingo, their minority equity evaporates, brilliant! I think putting people in homes who cannot afford them, dont deserve them was called sub-prime!

About time and well done. To assist this flat market all stakeholders need to assist and I admire these guys for doing so.and taking the lead . The banks need to come to the party as well. We are compling a special package with our fees to assist first time homebuyers and will hold seminars to inform people how to avoid the pitfalls . We urge first time home buyers to research before they buy aproperty and to choose the correct team to assist them with the begining of their future of owning property . We are here to help and empower.

West Leederville
Jules u do not get it my friend... Too many people who do not have the financial capacity or deserve to own a home are being sucked into a life of debt way before they should be... My suggestion to first home buyers is decide if you really want a house or the LA lifestyle, cloths, restaurants & nightclubs? Maybe find a job, learn to save hard, go without a few things, work really hard for a decade, then you will have a deposit and learn savings habits, then consider entering the market. As for all the stakeholders, seminars, teams, empower; they are all just useless words...

Note prices START at $272,000. The interest rates will still not match the rental payments for a tenant - with little likelihood of capital growth at this end of the market. Which shows that interest rates are far too high. Take note, RBA.

South Perth
Gee, Common Cents, what a miserable outlook you have. For alot of people it's not a case of not really being able to afford it; it's the fact that they just can't get the huge deposit together in the first place to get them over the line. At least someone is having a go at kick starting the market again.

Myaree, WA
Sounds like someone has lost the Australian dream and wants to drag down as many people with him as he can.... Here are some loan figures directly from Westpac's website: Your scenarios: Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Loan amount: $252,000.00 $252,000.00 Loan term: 30 years 30 years Minimum repayment: $421.00 Weekly $393.00 Weekly Total interest paid: $393,235.00 $353,001.00 Interest rate: 7.86% 7.16% That's assuming a $20k deposit ($272k -$20k = $252k loan) Last time I checked you couldn't rent much of a place for under $400/week... Yes I agree - interest rates will go up approx 75 basis points over the next 12 months but the fact remains that job security is very high with our unemployment rate being one of the lowest (if not the lowest) in the country. And with interest rate hikes - WA will more than likely see some kind of wage hikes that we're bound to experience with a shortage of labour in the coming 12-24 months... The fact is that Nigel Satterley aside - builders AND land developers are both being MORE competetive now than they have in years. Not only that but the building industry is now more responsive and customer orientated than it has been in a long time. Home buyers are now getting a better deal across the whole industry and this is the natural market correction hat we're experiencing from an overcooked market where median house prices increased by 80 percent. With the building industry having a few quieter years behind them - the workmanship now and the quality of trades are at its highest in a long time. I've been in the property market for over a decade now and have seen a lot of ups & downs from GST - to GFC and I'm actually mid way through building another investment property now. Once that's finished I'll start another soon after. What you get for your money now is better than it has been in years and the simple fact is - WA has a shortage of housing ALREADY and we're expecting significant population growth from the largely from the attraction of jobs. So the building industry is already on the back foot as far as housing supply is concerned. The result: rents will continue to rise. That should encourage both investors and aspiring home owners alike.

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