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My name is Tony McDonough and I am a pro-photographer working across nearly all photographic genres, including photo-documentary, photojournalism, news, sport, corporate, and travel.

With International travel restrictions local street photography has become more important to me and taking time away from the pressures of business to do something I enjoy is great for my mental health.

Street photography is how I relax, I take a camera and walk, watching the light changing and the scenes unfold. 

Street photography is one of the most demanding forms of photography.

But what about the camera?

Choosing a camera for my wanderings depends on my mood and what I am photographing. For example, if I am shooting a festival where I can be a little more visible to my subjects I would go with a larger camera, either a Leica M or an SL depending on what I need from the shoot. 

When I need to blend into the background I usually go with one of the smaller more compact models, like a Leica D or C-lux.

For traditional street photography you need to get close and stay unobserved by your subject this gives an intimacy not found when

using a larger DSLR type cameras with a long lens which, can sometimes be seen as threatening. 

Not being noticed also means a more historically accurate view of life.

Using smaller cameras are ideal for street, travel and basically anything most people need a camera for. They fit into a shirt pocket, have a silent shutter and a pretty good auto focus system. They are light, easy to use and produce good images. 

In fact I used a Leica Compact as my "go to" camera when I last visited India, and it proved to be a good all rounder giving me over 6,000 frames to edit for both street and travel 

As an added bonus the files from your camera can be sent to your electronic device for social media use, win-win.

The Leica C-lux, has over 20 megapixels on a large 1 Inch Sensor, with built in image stabilisation, and a huge 15x Optical Zoom, with a bright 3 inch screen on the back to review your images. Try the 4K Video for some extra creativity! Plus with a easy to use touch screen and instant connectivity to your smart phone or tablet via Leica’s FOTOS App, it just simple and  it works. For those of us that miss the old days of a viewfinder, don’t worry the Leica C-lux is one of the few cameras around now that offers a bright viewfinder too!

The Leica C-lux is available in 2 colours with a range of accessories from Authorised Leica Dealer and Business News Sponsor - Camera Electronic


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