The road has been the subject of much debate. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Roe 8 documents handed over

Previously secret documents regarding the planning of the Perth Freight Link were yesterday released by Main Roads after a recent order by the Information Commissioner, according to Labor North Metropolitan region candidate Alannah MacTiernan.


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Great work labor, waste the millions already spent on the project to save a small percentage, but then have to use a significant amount more to fix the problem Roe8 was going to fix. That sounds like the badly thought through ideology everyone has come to expect from labor and their shill protesters

Transpareny and proper due diligence are very basic requirements when you are spending billions of tax payer money, All the government needed to do was show everyone it's coatings and projections, That's called responsible government, If people don't like the principles of responsible government there are other countries they could live in - like Egypt, or Venezuala, or Russia

Roe 8 wasn't going to fix anything, Labor is presenting a real solution which will incur far less environmental damage, remain economically viable for far longer, give profits generated back to the public (instead of the private corporations Liberal was thinking of). If you are still a Roe 8 supporter, you are sorely misinformed by the Liberals and the mainstream media. You should have respect for the protesters who stand up for what they think is right and can actually think for themselves instead of just agreeing with what the government says.

Bibra lake
We need this Roe 8, it takes 40 min from bibra lake to canning vale at any working hour's, That is ridiculous and wast of time to all business.

Are you reversing there?

Contrary to what Ms MacTiernan implies, the matter has not been to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal twice to determine whether the documents should be released. It has been there once for that purpose and the Federal Court subsequently found that the Tribunal's decision was invalid. The Tribunal is yet to make a further decision.

It's about time. Nothing about this appalling highway has followed governmental guidelines. Full of secrecy and question marks, clearing of our vital bush lands and wetlands should never have gone ahead like it did, so close to elections, without proper relocation of animals, no relocation of flora, no asbestos and dust protection for residents, the massive police and security presence, etc, etc, etc

The liberal government is determined to send this state broke, wheres the transparency, they only want to hide the fact they have not planned and executed good government, just piled on the debt and want to spend millions more we cant afford. Iron ore revenue shrivelling up, i'm not looking forward to our inevitable tax hike.

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