GIVE AND TAKE: A little respect both ways would help ease tensions on our roads.

Road respect needs to be earned

There’s no doubt that cyclists and car drivers could do more to improve relations.


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Perth gutters
We are not trying to reshape motoring at all, just trying to educate drivers that passing with 1 meter clearance is safer than not. You'd think it would be common sense that cyclists should be given a bit of room? It's not. Drivers are extremists when passing bikes and either giving too much room or they're within arms reach yelling abuse and speeding. I encourage those who don't support the 1 meter rule to get on a bike and see what it's like when you have a car within a meter and then tell me you feel safe. To say that cyclist behaviors permit the abuse and attitudes that cyclists have to take. That until we fix the behavior of all cyclists, that motorists will be allowed by law to continue risking our lives by not introducing by the 1 meter rule. That's absolutely ridiculous. Cyclist breaking laws and motorists breaking laws are not 'same same'. Not saying it's right, but lets not act like motorists are in the same league as bicycles. You don't see nor run the risks of bicycles plowing through other cars, houses, and taking lives of the innocent. They are just bikes .Cyclists risk their own lives and motorists risk everyones life - I'm tired of motorists acting like cyclists are just the worst, get a grip.

Kyle, 1 metre is not enough. Whenever I see a cyclist I change lanes as if I am passing another vehicle. When I look in the rear view mirror I am usually stunned to see how close the car behind me comes to the cyclist I have just passed. I think the law should require cars to change lanes when overtaking a cyclist. Then there is no argument about how close people come. I mean lets face it. if you are stuck behind a slow moving truck, you just have to wait until it is clear in the next lane before you overtake.

Perth CBD
This article is watery, ineffectual and flawed. Most cyclists do have a car and a job and some even pay local council rates - so they DO cover their fare share of the cost of roads. FULL STOP. NOWHERE in the world is there a bike registration scheme that collects money to pay for bike infrastructure - the admin costs outweigh the monies collected, that is why nobody does it. Ask the WA Dept of Transport. Get over it - we DO pay our way, and do you want to make pedestrians (about the same weight as a cyclist) to pay to use the footpaths and stairs that are everywhere. Then you go on to say that there should be less onus on drivers - but then you say that in France they "leave the roads alone and make the drivers more aware". Start making sense and formulate a clear argument before you perpetuate this stupid "war" between cars and bikes.

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