Technology and mass production have changed many industries, virtually wiping out whole professions along the way. Photo: Samuel Zeller

Ride the wave, don’t get sucked under

My daughter recently asked me for an example of a job of the future that doesn’t exist today.

She was doing a school assignment and the question was quite vexing, and spoke to workplace disruption as technology replaces a host of current roles.

Climate controller? Robot nursery attendant? Life extension therapist? Underwater architect? It is all just guesswork as to what jobs might become important or commonplace in less than a generation.


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Examples of future jobs (according to Cognizant report) within the next five years: data detective; bring your own IT facilitator; ethical sourcing manager; AI business development manager; master of Edge Computing; walker/talker; fitness commitment counsellor; AI-assisted healthcare technician; cyber city analyst; genomic portfolio director; man-machine teaming manager; financial wellness coach; digital tailor; chief trust officer; and quantum machine learning analyst. Within the next 10 years: virtual store Sherpa; personal data broker; personal memory curator; augmented reality journey builder; highway controller; and genetic diversity officer.

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