HOT MARKET: Demand for alumina is increasing, which is good news for local player Alcoa and workers at its WA refineries.

Resources ills talk for the birds

There’s still plenty of upside to the state’s resources sector as WA shifts focus to meet customers’ needs.


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Cottesloe, WA
Tim Treadgold needs to research his topic in a little more depth. His assertion that solar and wind power supplies flunked the test created by heatwave conditions in SE Australia is clearly incorrect. As Giles Parkinson states "If it were not for solar, the peak would have been quite a bit earlier in the day and quite a bit higher (as it was in 2009). To put it another way, the peak has been pushed out to 6pm precisely because solar is no longer contributing much. So the solar contribution to reducing peak is much more than the ESAA comment implies, possibly by several multiples." Treadgold goes on to make the incredible assertion that effectively, if it costs too much to save the planet from global warming, we should just sacrifice it to the gods of economics! So at the cost of reducing the capacity of our planet to sustain life, he seems to be prepared to ignore the impacts of global warming. I feel that is a cost that few, out side the economics arena would be prepared to share. I think Tim has been spending too much time around economists!

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