The report is in response to dust levels in the west end of Port Hedland generated by iron ore operations in the area. Photo: BHP

Residential builds to be blocked under Port Hedland dust plan

About a third of the town of Port Hedland should be blocked from any new residential developments, the state government's dust management taskforce has recommended.

The state government has released the taskforce’s report on managing dust levels in Port Hedland, and will seek public submissions until October before formally considering the proposals.

The report has recommended a ‘special control area’ over the west end of Port Hedland, which would prevent any further permanent residential development on land west of Taplin Street, and limit sensitive land uses between Taplin Street and McGregor Street/Lukis Street.


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Port Hedland
This is not going to receive approval. Thank you for releasing this report, we have been awaiting it since February this year, although we had knowledge of its contents. This town is at the crossroads – do we leave or fight? I have a sense that the games are about to begin.

I find this debate very curious. What is the point of restricting housing in this area and yet, at the same time, allow people to work in the area? If it's not good to live in the area, surely it is equally as bad to work in the area.

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