26/09/2006 - 22:00

Redundant workers find jobs

26/09/2006 - 22:00


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Just a couple of years ago, the closing of a big manufacturing plant would have caused much political anguish.

Redundant workers find jobs

Just a couple of years ago, the closing of a big manufacturing plant would have caused much political anguish.

But the reduction in WA’s unemployment rate to less than four per cent has changed all that.

There has almost been a queue of alternative employers lining up to recruit workers when companies like Canningvale Weaving Mills, Australian Fine China and Schaffer Corporation closed their manufacturing operations.

When Caningvale closed its towel factory earlier this month, 133 workers were made redundant.

Chief executive Frank Prainito said the company had helped to find a job for every worker who wanted a new position.

“To have found jobs for all the workers who wanted new jobs is a great result and we are delighted with the outcome,” Mr Prainito said.

The company said it helped 80 workers find a job through its outplacement program, while another 29 workers found jobs independently. In most cases, the workers secured higher salaries.

The remaining workers opted to retire or take extended holidays.

Canningvale hired specialist agencies, including Mercy Employment, to work with its human resources staff, who contacted 110 potential employers.

Mr Prainito said Canningvale continued to employ 75 people in Perth and Melbourne and remained a major towel supplier.

Midland Brick and Bristile set up recruitment offices in Australian Fine China’s Subiaco canteen after that company decided to close its manufacturing operations.

AFC chief financial officer Norman Randall said he approached the brick makers because he wanted to help his staff secure new jobs, and they had leapt at the opportunity.

Mr Randall said about 60 staff were made redundant and, with one possible exception, all had obtained a new position.

Schaffer has been progressively scaling down its Gosh leather operations in Hamilton Hill for the past three years and finally closed the factory earlier this month, resulting in about 30 workers being made redundant.

Executive chairman John Schaffer said that, to his know-ledge, all workers who had tried to get a new job had been successful.


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