04/03/2003 - 21:00

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04/03/2003 - 21:00


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Zimbabwe concern

It would seem the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Howard, thinks that Australia can dictate what it wants, overruling African sentiments, and trying to force expulsion from the Commonwealth on Zimbabwe.

Perhaps he forgets that a company registered in Australia, ironically named Zimplats, is busy extracting large amounts of wealth from our country.

Perhaps, since they have applied sanctions to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s ministers might like to apply sanctions on their operations here.

This would go a long way to the even distribution of wealth in Zimbabwe and might prompt other countries to stop interfering in our operations. President Mbeki and his ministers might also like to try this approach when multi-nationals try to interfere with the aim of increasing their own profits.

M Sithole

3776 Glenview 3



p Editor’s note: According to the website of the “ironically” named Zimplats (Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd), it is 51.05 per cent owned by Impala Platinum (Zimbabwe) (Pty) Ltd, which is controlled by South African-based Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats). The Australian Stock Exchange listing is referred to as a foreign listing by Zimplats.

As for redistribution of wealth, there is some doubt that the Zimbabwean Government is going to have anything left for redistribution if it remains committed to its current policies.


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