30/11/2004 - 21:00

Reader Response: Virgin flyer

30/11/2004 - 21:00


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I WAS extremely pleased to see that I was not the only one to be neglectful in my responsibilities toward my chosen airline and their need to make a profit.  Earlier this year I booked a return flight from Perth to Brisbane with Qantas.  Fortunately for me I rang to check the details of my flight a few weeks before flying out, as I had booked the tickets months in advance. 

I was told that there had been a change to my flight details, and I had not been contacted regarding this as the onus was on me to continue checking for any changes. 

These changes meant I would be flying out in the evening instead of the morning, and on the return leg I would fly out earlier in the morning instead of the evening.

Basically this meant a loss of two days, not to mention a total re-arrangement of car hire, accommodation etc etc.

Now, you have to understand, I also believe a business is meant to make money, and with Qantas I think I have figured it out. This new arrangement was not suitable, and to change it I would have to pay an additional $200.  This now meant it was going to cost me $750 to fly to Brisbane in off-peak time. 

I re-booked my ticket with Virgin Blue for $469 return and still have a credit with Qantas that I am not quite sure what to do with.

Toni Rosenow



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